Konami's NeverDead Will Start Its Eternal Life In 2012

Being immortal's what you make of it. Sure, watching all your friends die and learning how to work new TV remotes every decade or so aren't happy endeavours. But Bryce Boltzmann decided to use his unkillability for fun and profit.

He's the hero of NeverDead, the third-person action title created by Shinta Nojiri who's best known for his work on the Metal Gear Acid games. Bryce finds employment as an agent for a demon-killing organisation where his unique brand of longevity informs the game's main mechanic. The demonic enemies he fights can dismember Bryce but he'll be able to use his unattached limbs as bait or bludgeons to repel the demonic invasion threatening the world in the game. He can re-attach those body parts, though, and even roll around as just a dismembered head.

NeverDead's been making the rounds at the various gaming events but Konami's been shy about letting players know when they'll be able to play it. The game will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of next January and Konami's indicated that there's be post-launch DLC, too. Any game that lets you control a decapitated noggin is worth your interest, don't you think?


    No, cause the game looks like ass.

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