It's Time To Figure Out If You Give A Damn About Neverdead

The unkillable Bryce Boltzmann comes to life on January 31 in Konami's Neverdead. Should you care? Megadeth hopes so. Owen Good didn't seem to think so. Perhaps a new batch of screens will help?

As novel the concept of being able to reconstitute yourself after being blown apart is, I've never really gotten excited about Neverdead, one of the few bigger titles hitting consoles in the first month of 2012. I think I've narrowed my general disinterest down to simple word association. Every time I see the word "unkillable", I immediately think "unlikeable". That, couple with the fact that Bryce doesn't seem like the sort of guy I'd relate to whatsoever, has left a bland taste in my mouth.

Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised? Is anyone out there looking forward to the limbtastic adventures of B.B. the Demon Hunter?


    I thought the idea was cool at first, but I haven't seen or read much about it beyond that... I didn't even know it was coming out so soon.

    Judging by the meager coverage it's recieved so far and the tone of this post I guess I won't be seeing much about it going forward either :-P... Here's hoping they release a demo

      I'm just hoping this is better than Asura's Wrath, which can't be that hard...

      This along with Lollipop Chainsaw to be the two niche games of 2012!

    I'm quite looking forward to it. Given that it hasn't had a lot of coverage, I'd expect it to be one of those $60-70 games. Plus those screens look awesome :)

    I was intrigued at first, and then my interest kind of waned. But then I saw that trailer where you find out Bryce used to be some pretty boy typical fantasy hero before he was cursed, and now I can't wait for it. Nice to hear it's coming so soon.

    I was just reading about the objectification of women in video games, then I see these screenshots. O.o

      Objectification of Women you say? The man in all these screenshots is basically a glorified piece of meat!

    An original idea for sure, but it'll need original gameplay to suceed

    I forgot about this game being made was so long since i last read about it

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