Ninja Gaiden 3 Cuts Its Way To Retail On March 2012, Pre-Order And Collector’s Edition Details

Ever since Team Ninja's been in charge of the modern-day Ninja Gaiden franchise, no character kills bad guys quite the way that Ryu Hayabusa does. Tecmo's been teasing out the specifics of his next outing for a bit and finally passed along word of when we'll be able to play as the viciously gifted shadow warrior.

March 2012 will be when the ninja threequel launches and it'll do so with the obligatory collector's edition variant. Pre-ordering will get you two-character demo from Dead or Alive 5, also being made by Team Ninja, before it comes out later in 2012. Getting the Collector's Edition — which will run $US99.99 — ponies up four characters from DoA 5, the "Unmask" art book, a soundtrack CD and Duel of the Masked figure. You'll only be able to get the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition at GameStop and EB Games, though.


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