Oh Mai, This Figure Could Be Better

There are literally a gazillion Mai Shiranui figures. The King of Fighters character is a figurine favourite. Some of the figures are great. Some are good. Then, some are so-so, or bad, even.

This one is so-so.

Granted, it's not terrible. As commenters on website Neko Magic pointed out, there's discoloration in her hair and exposed plastic seems. It's these little details that can mean the difference between so-so and Nippon ichi.

Priced at ¥9,240 (US$118), this KOF Maximum Impact Mai will go on sale next spring.

不知火舞 KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT 完成品フィギュア[A-label]《04月予約》 [あみあみ]


    this figure has big juggs so it must be good work ..............this figure sucks

    Guys who collect these anime figurines are creepy... Chick looks like a 6 year old with huge breast implants - just like most anime!

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