King Of Fighters Brought To Life (But Not That Crappy Movie)

The King of Fighters movie was rotten. But just because it stinks, that doesn't mean its Japanese distributor won't try to drum up publicity for it. Enter KoF cosplayers.

The movie collaborated with the Cure Cosplay Festival, resulting in both a higher KoF costume turnout and the inevitable NSFW Mai Shiranui buttcheeks. As evident by the photos, not every cosplayer was in King of Fighters attire.

KOF「レオナ」「不知火舞」や「まどか」も コスプレの祭典「Cure Cosplay Festival Vol.3」ダイジェスト []


    There it is again. The Japanese version of Duck-Face. Why the hell do they all do it?

      You never watched ducktales? It was like porn. The best kind of porn.

    Damn that Leona is smokin'

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