Persona Studio Returns To Cute Sticker Pictures

You probably know Japanese game company Atlus best for its Persona role-playing titles. But in the mid-1990s, Atlus was known for something else entirely: sticker pictures.

A female employee at Atlus actually invented sticker pictures, which went on to become a national craze in Japan. Even today, Japanese teens get sticker pictures with friends.

Atlus, however, left the sticker picture biz back in 2009. But, as revealed during last night's Nintendo Direct press conference, Atlus developed a sticker-picture type eShop title for Nintendo called Jump-Out Print Club: Twinkle Decoration Revolution. It allows you to edit photos, much like sticker picture booths do.

The key difference, however, is that sticker picture booths have powerful cameras to snap beautiful photos. The 3ds does not. It does have 3D, which could be enough of a lure for young female gamers.

【Nintendo Direct】3DSでプリクラ! [インサイド]


    but now the stickers have an option to have yourself shooting yourself in the head to summon your super awesome monster guy

    these machines still V popular in HK

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