Rumor: Microsoft Replaces Head Xbox Designer

Don Coyner, who has been leading the design experience group for Xbox since the console's launch, has been replaced at Microsoft, Cnet reports. Coyner, who has been working with the Xbox since the console's inception, was replaced by Emma Williams, according to Cnet sources. Williams was in charge of the redesign of the Live interface that just hit.


    Well THAT explains why it was so horrible.

      Agreed, new dash is dismal. Clearly the priority was advertising, because usablility wasn't.

      It either doesn't explain it at all, or you know more about this Emma Williams person

        It's rather simple really, Emma Williams is a girl, and girls have cooties. That's why it was 'so horrible'.

        Sorry - what? Regime change precedes poorly recieved dashboard update. What else do we need to know about them?

    Bring on more ads for the next generation Adbox!

    Headline I was half expecting - Xbox Rumor: Microsoft Replaces Xbox Designer's Head

    I must be strange becuse I like the new dashboard, just wish there were a few less ads.

    Now they just need to make the PS3 dashboard better.

      For the most part I like the PS3's XMB interface. Smooth and slick and simple. Although where it really falls down is managing large amounts of content. Once you get a significant amount of games/video/music on there it can be a bit of a pain trying to navigate through it all to find what you're after, and the grouping options don't really help too much. It'd be good to have a decent media library something like the windows media player or iTunes or whatever. But other than that, I'm pretty happy with it.

        I hate it - its an absolutely cluster [email protected]#k of useless menus and options. I like the machine, but as someone who works in UX it gets me every time.

          And it's slow, REAL slow. Why does it have to spend 10 seconds refreshing my friends list every time I select it? It is a pile of shit to navigate too, if I'm nested a few levels down in another menu, I have to navigate back up the tree, across then down.

          It's bollocks.

        Agreed. Grouping needs some work imo, could be a bit faster to navigate, but aside from that, I love it.

      Pretty sure their idea of 'improving' the PS3 XMB interface would be a lot like Microsoft's, i.e. the thing they're improving is how much ad revenue they can generate off it.

    I used to much prefer the xbox interface to the one on the ps3. the new xbox dashboard has reversed that.
    its loathsome.
    anyone think microsoft would buckle under public opinion? if so who can we contact?

    Is anyone else still using a SD TV?

    If you're not, well I'll fill you in: Pretty much all the text is small and blurry.

    Holy futha-fucka-mike, that's an awesome 360!


    oh yeah, the new dashboard works fine for me! Just learn the layout, its easy as butterfingers by trale lewous

    microsoft said there gonna change it

    I like the look of the new dashboard but I detest that you have to go through music. movies and video before you get to games - that is just stupid

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