Want To Renew Xbox LIVE? This Is Pretty Cheap

Shameful fact — I currently don't have a subscription to Xbox LIVE. It's been so long since I've actually played a game properly online that my sub ran out without me even really being aware of it. Now it seems as though OzSave has some good deals on LIVE subscriptions, so maybe it's time for me to hop back onboard?

For example OzSave is selling a 12 month membership for just $38.99. That's a pretty stellar price. There are also others, like this 3+1 month membership for $19.99. It's been a while since I've been on Halo: Reach, this might be the motivation I need.

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    Do they still have x months for $x deals? Those were the best :)

      The problem with those deals is that you usually need to set your account to auto-renew and it's a real pain to disable it. I much, much prefer using codes to redeem XBLG because there's zero chance of being billed for a year at their inflated retail price.

        Yes it is a pain turning auto renew off, but when you're paying only $2 for 2 months, you can't complain.

        Yeah that was a problem when they first had the deal but now you can disable auto-renew from the Xbox website rather than having to call a number. I was sceptical at first but I can confirm that it's incredibly easy to do as I did it myself when I bought 2 Months for $2 a few months back (my Gold ended July 14th) and I haven't been charged.

        Strangely enough I went on Xbox.com and it still showed "Gold" up the top but "Silver/Free" when I went into my Profile. It also let me sent messages from Xbox.com which I thought was a Gold only feature. I also signed in to Xbox to confirm that I was no longer Gold and I wasn't. There's no $x for x deal on the dashboard but they do have "buy 3 months gold get 1 month free".

          Really? It's good to know they finally introduced the ability to disable from the website. I might consider one of those deals then when my subscription is due to expire.

        They've changed it you can now cancel and remove cc from on the xbox you don't have to call anymore

        Theyve made it easier to turn off auto renew. I did the other day from the Xbox in 2 minutes.

    Xbox Live should be free, instead we're forced to pay in order to play multiplayer, and have access to Netflix which costs no extra on the PS3. Microsoft needs to be removed from the gaming industry, they should just focus on their shitty Windows 8 that's going to fail once people realize tablets were nothing more than a fad once the augmented reality glasses come forth.

      Steven Hawking, you spelt your name wrong. And also your rant sounds much less threatening in a monotonous computerised vocie.

        hahahahaha, it sounds pretty rad in robot voice XD

        iview has that issue also and youtube however since iveiw goes through there server first its so damn annoying and its to slow to watch so i keep using my smart tv, ps3 or pc

      Wait... Have you tried playing online on a PS3? Try it and then reconsider this statement. I have both and I love both but in regards to online communication and the ability to join friends games Xbox pwns the PS3 every day of the week, by a long shot too.

        This is the problem though - how many people have both? I love my xbox but I do feel sometimes like Gold is a ripoff compared to what the competition is offering - still at $38 my Gold is due to renew any day now - this would be a perfect solution! Can anyone vouch for this OzSave website? Are they the real deal?

    Its 2012 & are still paying to play games online.......What. The. F**k.

      Yup - And happily too. It costs me less the $5 a month to get a a good quality service. When it goes down M$ give out free games or free time. When I can't connect to a game on PS3 it's just tough luck.

      Oh and people pay to play on PC all the time - it's called server rental. The best services cost quite a bit but ensure you get great pings for you and all of your friends.

      Finally it's important to note that while I do love my Gold - I would never pay the ridiculous cost Microsoft asks for in it's autorenew. I always use the prepaid cards and never have a problem.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Just grabbed one, it was super quick and easy, and the cheapest I've seen yet

      I'm having problems with their weird verification system. You have to give them your phone number, then they ring you (or a computer does on theuir behalf) and you have to enter a special code on your phone keypad - doesn't work for me but it could be the phones here at work.

    I haven't turned my 360 on in weeks so my live subscription is going to waste.

    In fact the only time I sign into Xbox Live now is when I'm playing something that uses GFWL

    I got a surprise auto renew whilst I was backpacking around Europe. Was actually surprisingly easy to have it refunded. Very pleasant experience with Microsoft customer service.

    Worked quickly and perfectly, extended my gold subscription within 3 minutes.

    Haven't picked up Reach since shortly after it came out. Randomly jump on with my mate when we could get DayZ happening on the weekend and had an absolute ball. Wish we had of just played that instead. It's made me really keen for Halo 4. You should def jump back on and give it a hit Mark

    Also really regret not disabling my auto renewal and paying full price a few months ago. Lesson learnt! well probably not but you know...

    Worked fine for me.

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