Xbox 360 And Kinect Price Drops

Xbox have announced that the recommended retail price of Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle will drop by $50 as of tomorrow. This takes the price of the 4GB Xbox 360 down to $399 and the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle to $499.

Xbox are also introducing an "entry level" console that includes a stand-alone 4GB Xbox 360 with built-in Wi-Fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable and a free one-month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. This console will cost $249.

Is this a big enough price-drop? Will you consider picking up an Xbox if you don't already have one? Let us know!


    Shouldn't the picture be of the new 360 models?

      I'd love to hear Tracey's story about this one... :)

        Here's what happened.

        Tracey was leaving to go to an exam.
        Microsoft announced a price drop.
        Tracey did a quick search for xbox.
        Pasted and went "Ah, stuff it".

          wow everyone's ripping on tracey.
          can we all just chill?

            Agreed, I see no need for the unnecessary abuse.

              What part of that was abuse?

              Over the past week she's posted a few images that were different to normal, and then posted an anecdote about why it doesn't match.

    Is stand alone Kinect still $199? I honestly haven't looked for a long time because I never thought it was worth it.

    Is it worth it?
    OMG too many questions.

      I got it from myers online shopping section for $100 a week ago. From someone that held off it was defiantly worth it at that price.

        Dont tell my missus lol

        She got it for me for christmas but she didnt shop around. Payed the rrp at eb games...

        think ill need to shop with her all the time now lol

    Just 4gb?! Not enough I say. Can you still buy the external HDD's for the slim model?

      yeah, mate, you can get externals for the Slim, i think they're 250GB, not sure, and use a USB port

      Yep, I think retail for them is about $150, but don't quote me on that.

      I still don't think it's worth it though, PS3's dropped by $150 about a month ago and I think it's the better purchase out of the 2 (assuming you have neither). This is unless of course you MUST HAVE the exclusive titles.

        Thought I better clarify. You said "external HDD" but I think I have confused myself. I believe the ones I have seen are for internal installation, I'm not sure if this is what you want/meant but I'm exactly sure as far as 'external' and whether they have to be specific or any external USB HDD will work.

    The picture models are a bit outdated :)

    Price drop is good !

    Now is the time to jump in on the xbox console if you havn't already

      I prefer to think of it as "OLD SCHOOL".

        I prefer to think of it as "Retro".
        But that's what I call my msn display name which I haven't changed in roughly eight years.

    4gb seriously? I have a 40gb ps3 and i dont even download games and its full.

      My PS3 has plenty of storage left, plus it's just a better media player/streamer so the Xbox just needs enough room for saves and XBLA downloads. 360 lets you expand its memory with USB sticks too (up to 16GB) and I happen to have a spare 8GB stick. Plus, with the vicious undercutting at retail no doubt we'll be seeing this bundled with a cheap HDMI cable for under $250.


    Nice, I was going to pick one up tomorrow, DSE probably has the best price ($399 with Kinect and 250GB)

    I'm in the market for a 360 and was waiting for this after the PS3 drop - but this is disappointing.

    Far too little a price drop for me personally.

    The entry-level PS3 is 160GB and $350 - remembering there's a Blu-Ray player in there and PSN is free.

    The entry-level X360 is a pathetic 4GB and $250 with only 1 month of XBL?

    I would have liked to see them drop the 250GB model to $350 at the very least.

    Wasn't the price already $400 for the 4GB and $500 for the 250GB? I always see them at those prices, so it doesn't even matter.

    Too bad its still an overpriced piece of shit.

    50 dollars more gets you a blu ray player, i think 116 or 156 more GB HDD space and a couple games.

    PS3 is still worth it over the 360 still.

    weren't they $250 for the 250GB a year a go?

    I'm a little confused...

    "This takes the price of the 4GB Xbox 360 down to $AU399"

    "Xbox are also introducing an “entry level” console that includes a stand-alone 4GB Xbox 360 with built-in wi-fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable and a free one-month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. This console will cost $AU249."

    what am I missing?

      A Kinect.

        Oh I see, badly worded sentence is badly worded.

    I'm surprised they bundled a standard controller in there at all...

    Xbox Live is an unbeatable online community vs PSN

    I have being on xbox live for 7 years now and paying a 49.99 dollar a year sub for the service I get is nothing

    As compared to PSN getting hacked and just a piss poor community.

    There is a reason 360 is number one. Sony still have yet to grasp how to treat there community right!

      I play PC more than consoles, and I got a PS3 first and from what little I've played of either online (MGS Online, KZ3, Halo, Army of Two, etc) I have to agree Xbox Live is better; it's a mere $4 /month.

      Mind you, I got a deal from JB a little while ago with: 4 games, 2 controllers and a 250gb for only $449. RRP still seems a tad high.

    Sadly even at $249 the 4GB is still a rip off, considering most retailers only a few weeks back were selling the 160GB PS3 for $298. That includes the aforementioned Free online and Blu-Ray, not to mention 40 times the storage space. Microsoft really needs to get its act together by Boxing day becuase if the retailers see fit to drop the 50 bucks again come then they're gonna get slaughtered in sales.

    ....and yesterday I bought a preowned Xbox360 w/ 60GB HDD and 12 months warranty from EB Games :S /

    When it says it comes with a free one month live gold membership, does that mean it comes with a 1 month card or is ths just a shifty way of saying that all new gamertags get gold for a month and making it sound like you get more?

    I bought a 360 with 120gb for around $300 a year ago (I found an older remaining model in a Big W somewhere) as I know I didn't want a kinect.

    I'm pretty happy with this and I love my X360, but if I were console shopping right now, there is no way I would pass up a PS3 at the price it is vs that ridiculously poor price drop by xbox. Who on earth would actually buy an Xbox 4gb? Most games take too long to load and are loud as hell if you don't install them.

      and wont be able to play certain games, i think RAGE requires mandatory install, same with skyrim i believe because they need to uncompressed the data they have to enforce because dvd is too small. So buying this model could make you unable to play certain games especially in a year or two time when alot will require installs and large HDD space.

    If you have a decent rig and a PS3 there is really no reason to buy an Xbox. Kinect really isn't that great a selling point for my money.

    Just to let you guys know, EBGames is doing the 4gb model for $349 until Monday if you feel like saving another $50.

      EB never has better deals, JB's already got it for #329.

    JB's are doing the 4gb kinect for $329! also unrelated they are doing Gears of War 3 for $69 bucks!!! and damn i want a price drop for the non-kinect skus and the gears console.

      wow sight & sound are also selling the 4gb kinect bundle for $298. link:

    Shouldn't the limited edition consoles get a price drop as well, mainly the GoW3 and MW3 ones? It's a bit greedy if they leave them at the same price

    so the new price for the star wars LE is...?


      Damn thing's been delayed until 2012, so there had better be a matching price drop at the very least.

    I'm actually in the market for the 250Gb Xbox 360.
    Where would people recommend I should buy one from, value/cheap pricing wise?

    Big W have the 4GB with Kinect for $288

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