Xbox 360 Gets Official Price Drop In Australia

With the Wii U around the corner and Sony's new PS3 model hitting stores, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to make its own splash in the lead up to Christmas. And now it has — with a pretty substantial price drop. Across the board.

From October 4, Microsoft's pricing for Xbox products will be as follow...

• Kinect Sensor, $149 (save $50) • 4GB Xbox 360, $199 (save $50) • 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, $299 (save $100) • 250GB Xbox 360 $299 (Save $150) • Limited edition consoles $399 (save $50)

"This is the time to buy an Xbox 360," said Kimberley Francis, Head of Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft Australia. "The Xbox has never been more affordable and it continues to evolve to offer even more value for Australians."

That's a pretty attractive price point.


    This is brilliant news for me after my old 360 red ringed after 3 years of loyal service.
    I've been waiting for a price drop to get a new one, and i'm glad to see i now get one! :D

      You call 3 years loyal service? Mine died after 5 and i was pretty pissed. I ended up buying a 360 Slim 4Gb Kinect package. Sold everything except the console and not only made my money back but an actual decent profit.

    Now I just need to wait for my 120Gb Elite from 2008 to kick the bucket and I might partake... Or, considering that I haven't been online with it in close to 6 months and it's largely gathering dust due to playing most games on PC now, I might not.

    Genuinely surprised that the new 12GB PS3 wasn't $249 (at most). That's a really nice price point for a 360, and with a Wii U coming out, Sony hasn't got much going for it in the coming holiday season.

      Yep. They should have dropped the price when they launched the new, new slim but i suspect they might be close enough to taking losses on it already at the current price point and they want to make money on each hardware unit sold? Do people know if Sony is still selling hardware at a loss or at a profit?

      I don't think Sony can afford to. None of their divisions have turned a profit for like four years.

    Last Christmas I picked up a 250GB with Kinect and two packed in games for $299 from EB Games, that's better than any of these deals

      And I got a 4GB console from JB for $149. Xmas deals always beat price drops.

      But these aren't deals are they? They're permanant price drops.
      So when the xmas deals do come along, the prices will get smashed even more.

    As a 360 owner, if I were in the market right now, between PS3 and 360 I would pick PS3. It is clearly much better value.

      I would pretty much make the switch for PS Plus alone :S

      I just had to make this decision, and PS3 won hands down.

      xBox's segmenting functionality needlessly into paid subscriptions was the big reason, followed by PSN+ and then the whole BluRay thing.

    I've wanted to upgrade my 20GB Pro Console for several months now (Only 1 RROD refurbishment). $199 + HD from ozgameshop is looking very tempting.

      What's the ozgameshop deal?

        I think he meant just the hard drive from OZGS. That's a pretty good price though. If I didn't have an Xbox, I'd get one now. Just wish Sony would have dropped the price on the ps3.

          oh damn, I was hoping there was an even better deal. My xbox red ringed the over day, not really keen on spending $100 to get it fixed for a 3rd time.

    Right! Buy 4GB Xbox 360 console, and then find myself a copy of Tales of Vesperia and a few other select titles!! ... sort of wishing I purchased it when it was $150 at Hardly Normal a while back.

    $149 for the Kinect is still a rip off!

      At what price do you suggest they sell their without-competition motorised 3D body tracker and voice recognition device?

        Given its poor market penetration and gimmicky premise, they should be selling at $99 to get them in homes and get people using them. Why do you think the Wii sold so well? Low price point encouraged people to try the gimmick, even if they don't use it now. At this stage, all Kinect is good for is tracking people try to dance to poor choreography.

          Agreed - Kinect does nothing and most of the time I have to unplug it as the game dialogue messes up the game through voice recognition

          "Poor Market Penetration"?
          Are you aware that Kinect was the fastest selling electronic consumer device ever?

          There were something like 20million units sold, as of March this year. At that same point in time, the $99 Sony Move had sold 11million units.

            LoL shot down Walt

    Maybe my birthday...

      Does anyone know if I can transfer my hdd from my 20gb elite easily? Or do I have to buy an additional third party cable?

        I actually thought you had to buy a 1st party (overpriced) cable

        Depends on where you get it. I traded in for a 250GB 360 "stout" at Game around the time of the Kinect release, and they transferred all the stuff from my old 1st-gen 20GB to the new console in-store, without having to buy the cable. I'm sure if you get one at a games retailer (As opposed to HN or DSE), you should be able to get them to do the transfer for you. Best way to know for sure is to ask the shop you intend to buy from, I suppose.

          That's a really good thing to do. When I worked at EB we'd sell the cable for $25 then trade it back for $10. When someone would ask if it was possible to transfer their saves, the best spin I could put on it was "Keep all your data for fifteen dollars".
          There's no way my shop would have done it for them if there were dollars to be made.

            Wow, really? Even more important to ask, then. I just assumed that most retailers that did trade-ins would have the cable on-hand - it's not like it's unlikely for the customer to want to keep their data...

              Yeah, pretty much everyone upgrading their 360's wanted to know if it was possible, and pretty much everyone was given the same spiel. We didn't always have time to plug in people's Xboxes and do it for them; but, to be honest, it was a product we could charge for which would otherwise have been a free "service", and so it wasn't done. It's not like it was "against the rules" or anything, we just didn't do it.

                Not criticising, just surprised. I completely understand from a business perspective, as $15 on top of a $350 console isn't really that big a deal to most people, especially to keep their data, and I'd imagine lots of people would go for it - I certainly would have.

                  Yeah man, pretty much. They came and went pretty quickly after a new console model was released.

        Internally, it's the same 2.5" Sata HDD with the same formatting. If you wanted to, you could buy a $2 enclosure off eBay and turn your old HDD into a new one.

        Alternatively, if you're game, you can put the raw HDD straight into the device. It's a task to remove it, but otherwise it works fine.

        I transferred the data between my old and new xbox with a 16GB USB stick. Worst case, you'll have to do it in two batches.

    The PS3 started making a profit in 2010, (4 yrs later) however the company as a whole has been losing money so I think that's why they decided to pocket the cash on the cheaper new model and hope it returns Sony to profit.

    I've kind of wanted a new 360 for a while ... my old 20gb model refuses to update these days, and I can't take it online, so I've missed out on pretty much the last 2 years of exclusive 360 titles and 90% of what's good on XBLA. A $299 250gb model is looking pretty attractive at the moment.

    $150 for a Kinect might be enough to encourage a few who didn't get on the bandwagon early. Its an option for me and my partner who were looking a while back but couldn't justify the investment.

    So does the $399 price eventually apply to the Halo 4 LE console?


    Still dont want one really!

    If Sony had of done this with the PS3 Id probably now own my first console since the PS1. Oh well I'll just have to keep keeping an eye on the junk mail.

    I don't think I'll get one for the sake of getting some exclusives, my XBox mates tell me Microsoft are continually greedy, in how further expenses appear after buying the console. Besides, Gears of War is the only interesting exclusive to me.

    Last edited 03/10/12 2:09 pm

      If you can the machine with the hdd, the only further expense it xbox gold, which is admittedly a rip off. I personally think there are enough exclusives to make the 360 worth it, but I love shooters.

        It's a very shooter-centric console, so it's good for the shooter fan. But I've started to enjoy the freshness usually found in third-person games more, so I'm still a little unsure. Are there some other enjoyable third-person games, exclusive to the 360?

          Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Both started on the 360 before being released on the PC as well. For now, the 360 is the only console you can play through all 3 Mass Effect games - but that exclusivity will be up shortly with the trilogy release on the PS3 also. Fable 2 and 3 are 3rd person, but aren't the shooters that you may be after.

          There are a bunch of cool arcade titles that are still exclusive to the 360, and the Forza series if you're into driving games...

            Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll have to check them out. I wonder if the PS3 version of the Mass Effect Trilogy will be able to link the first game to the sequels.

            Last edited 03/10/12 7:45 pm

    So guys how to replace the 4GB HARD DRIVE with a bigger hard drive?got any links for that?

      You don't. The 4 GB models have that flash memory built in. If you want more storage there is a slot for a hard drive on the bottom of the console (there's a cover that comes off revealing the slot).

      Buy a 360 S hard drive from JB Hi-Fi (320 GB drives going for $119 last time I checked), insert it into your 360 and there you go. Simple.

    Great, just as I buy a new 360 from JB Hi-Fi they announce a price drop a few days later. FML.

    Been waiting for the "non-retarded" 360 to drop to the magic $250 since release. It's coming close... and with Christmas sales it'll come even closer!

    I believe there's a simple reason for the price drop. The enquiry that's going on into hardware and software price gouging in Australia.

    They're about to have documents summoned

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