The Xbox 360 Just Got A Surprise Price Cut In Australia

So just in case you feel like buying a nine year old console, it'll cost you a little bit less!

But yeah, all 'jokes' aside, a little price cut is never a bad thing. Microsoft has just announced it will be taking a sizeable chunk off a number of different Xbox 360 SKUs, presumably to try and get that extended lifespan the PS2 had all those years ago. I seem to remember that console would never go away. It was still shifting serious units until well into the PS3 era. Maybe Microsoft thinks it can pull off the same magic trick with the Xbox 360.

And maybe it can. The 360 is still being widely supported by publishers, with almost all major releases still somehow being release on last generation hardware. Publishers seem really reluctant to let go of that 80 million + install base, and who could blame them.

The price cuts are as follows...

4GB: $199 to $179 4GB with Kinect: $299 to $249 250GB: $299 to $199 250GB with Kinect: $399 to $299

Some fairly decent prices in there. If I had to pick one I'd definitely suggest the 250GB SKU for $199. Kinect isn't as integral to the Xbox 360 experience and I can't think of a single game that would justify paying an extra $100 for.

The price change occurs on October 1.


    Agree with your pick Mark, I've never had a 360 and might get one some day, but then its another console which demands an annual subscription to play online.

      At the rate and types of games they are handing out, if you have never purchased a game on the console before its a great way to build up a library of games for a decent price,

        That's true, but it's still technically paying for them, even though the Games for Gold is a neat bonus, having not been paying for the service without it would just make it seem like an unnecessary extra PS+ subscription. That probably sounds petty, but I'm just outta school and don't have a job so another $50+ payout on top of the console purchase is personally a bit much.

        It's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Darksiders 2 for the 360 in October.

          So happy about BC2 - it was the best one And I stupidly traded it when BF3 came out.

          Good news on the price drop - I'm not sure how much longer my jasper model will last!!

    New 500GB SKU's are on the way with an RRP of $299. Not really a 'suprise' but still nice all the same :)

    If you plan to revisit your Xbox 360 collection in years to come, this is a pretty decent price for a backup console. Buy it and keep it safely ensconced in your cupboard.

    Well, I did just buy an Xbox 360 about two weeks ago, and all because I managed to find a copy of Tales of Vesperia in my local EB Games... Both pre-owned.

    I'm now 30 hours into ToV, so, worth it.

    I did feel a little silly just getting it for ToV, so I also tracked down copies of Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

      Managed to pick up TOV for $5 at my local used retailer :) best day ever.

        Gah, if only I got it for $5... Try $57.... Still worth it, though.

          definitely worth it :) i got it from an op shop obviously weren't price checking on Xbox games lol.

    I got my 250gb slim + Kinect model for like $274 a few years back (like roughly 2-3 years ago) when I priced matched from a Harvey Norman sale. Compared to that (and particularly at this point of the consoles life) those prices just seem meh. All the more worse when you consider the pricing of online DLC and arcade games (and the fact that they aren't naturally reduced in price as they should be).

    Last edited 29/09/14 3:25 pm

    Can't think of any 360 exclusives that would make it worth buying for me.

      Oh none at all - not the gears quadrilogy, the halo games, not bulletstorm, the fable games, none at all - none of these award winning franchises would be worth it

    Good news for me, I've had mine for 4+ years and it's showing it's age with a non-functioning disk tray which I recently fixed - but still nervous about opening/closing and regular Live disconnects. Recently been playing Dark Souls 2/Fallout 3 again, and with the new Borderlands coming out I may just pick up a 250GB w/out Kinect, cause.... yeah Kinect.

    Does anywhere actually sell them at the RRP?
    A quick look at JB and EB and they both seel it for less in a bundle with 4 games.

    I've been waiting for a PS3 drop to play a few exclusives but not much happening. There were sales recently that had the PS4 cheaper than the PS3 bundles.

    I managed to get a 4GB Xbox 360 for $79 last year when Microsoft was having a $100 cash back on these in December, and the price for this was originally $179 at Kmart or Target (I forget which one it is). Its still sitting in the box at home, waiting for my Xbox 360 120GB to die and be used as a back up console so that all the money invested in hardcopy games doesnt go out the window.

    Why the hell would they sell a 4GB version for only $20 less than a 250GB version? To me that's just a waste.

      They're encouraging you to spend extra money on something you don't really need by making you feel like you're "missing out" if you go with the cheaper option. It's a pretty common marketing strategy.

    You know what would be REALLY awesome? If I could hack my xbox to get it to stream my PC games to my telly downstairs. THAT would be rad.

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