Shameless, Foreign Battlefield 3 Rip-Off

There have been many obvious copies of big-budget games over the years, though some hide their "borrowing" better than others.

This movie, submitted by a user on Reddit, was found in a foreign supermarket. It's titled "ShadowChaser 3", and shares more than a few similarities to Battlefield 3's box art, up to and including Battlefield 3's box art.

What's the worst instance of copying a game you've seen? Let us know below.


    Saw one on the iPhone AppStore this morning. In the Top Paid App's list sitting right under Angry Birds Rio is Angry Chickens Pro. Same colours on the Icon and everything.

    Well, it's a horrible rip-off of the box art, but I think the movie is legit at least...

    The worst instance of copying a game I've seen?

    Easy. Just take your pick from anything in Gameloft's catalogue.

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