Sign Up For The Gotham City Impostors Console Beta Before Some Joker Gets Your Spot

Now that November's PC beta test has come and gone, Warner Bros. and Monolith are ready to get console players into the dopple-gangbanger fun of Gotham City Impostors.

The war between the madness-embracing Jokerz and stalwart-but-misguided Bats is heating up, and Gotham City Impostors is now inviting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players to participate in its six-on-six online battles in the name of making a better game and ironing out the bugs.

Slots are limited, however, so if you're going to get going, you'd better get going now.

Gotham City Impostors [Official Website]


    Despite how badly duke nukem forever turned out, i do wish monolith would remake blood.

    Any idea if we still need to sign up if we redeemed the code that came in Batman Arkham City CE?

    PREDATOR Batman?!

    This game is either going to be wonderful or tragic.

    I just don't know which.

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