Skyrim Finally Plays Nice With Your Extra RAM

Happily, the newest official patch for Skyrim will allow the game to make use of up to 4 Gigabytes of RAM, as opposed to its previous ceiling of 2GB. This had previously been accomplished via the Large Address Aware hack, but that method had been blocked by a previous patch from Bethesda.


    But... I have 8 gigs of ram q.q

      Meh, just means your rogue background Microsoft Outlook process can use 4GB of memory while your Mozilla Memory Destroyer can take up 8GB of virtual memory.

    Yeah WTF I have 12gb - would enable this game to actually run like it should if my entire system could be utilized. Get your shit together Bethesda.

      This will only happen once Bethesda start putting out 64bit flavours of their games.

    Yay, now my PC can be even more inefficient with its memory use!

      It's more efficient now with the 4GB cap.
      Much more stable too.

    What do I do with my other 12gbs?

      Likewise. Wouldn't have thought it'd be that hard for them to optimise it.

    The 4GB mod has worked with all patches of Skyrim. I had to switch to it when LAA got blocked

    It can only go up to 4GB, The Build is 32bit, they will have to make a 64bit build for any more, how do you people have more than 4GB of Ram and not know that.

      What makes you think they don't?

        "But… I have 8 gigs of ram q.q"
        "Yeah WTF I have 12gb – would enable this game to actually run like it should if my entire system could be utilized. Get your shit together Bethesda."
        "What do I do with my other 12gbs?"

    Not to Mention the Game Files are abit Over 5 Gig Total.... You Could load the whole game into 5 Gig Memory... and thats it.... more ram doesnt do a thing...

      uh.... I have 17 gigs worth of mods + 6 gig of bethesda game data. It would take all 24 gig of ram on my machine to load it all into memory.

      There's more to memory usage than loading texture files anyway.

    What do I do with my other 996 Gig of RAM?

      Takeover the world?

          LOL, ah the memories. McGanical, you are the biggest troll of these forums and I love it.
          996 gig of Ram would run skyrim AND day of the tenticle via ScummVM ALL AT ONCE... MADNESS!

          (please no one point out other hardware would be required)

    4, 8, 12 - these are all moot as long as we don't have a dedicated 64 bit executable for Skyrim. Something that Bethesda probably won't provide, considering the amount of effort it would take.

      This is a very complicated game. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, a lotta strands to keep in their head, man.

        its not as though 64-bit games were everywhere during skyrims development... oh wait...

        Some new shit has come to light, man... you know? In the parlance of our times and shit...

    Honestly wtf? Its 2010 when they announce 4gb of RAM is the new maximum then i think they seriously need to pick it up, most people have at least 8 or more if they're a gamer.

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