So Many Cheap Games I Don't Even Know Where To Start

I noticed there was a sale on Square-Enix games on the iOS — 'oh, must tell the chaps and chapettes on Kotaku Australia,' I thought. Then I saw there was also a massive EA sale. 'This is getting saucy,' I told myself. Then I saw that Capcom had a sale on PSN. My poor wallet. Now it's my duty to inform you all, and push you all headfirst into the poorhouse.

The EA one is arguably the biggest, so we'll talk about that first. EA has dropped almost all of its library to 99 cents — and that includes some pretty premium games such as Dead Space, FIFA 12, Mirror's Edge — practically it's entire catalogue is on sale besides a few exceptions such as Rock Band and Shift 2: Unleashed. Regardless, EA has some great games on iOS so this is a great chance to stock up.

The Square-Enix sale is a little less impressive, but still a goldmine for those looking to indulge in their love of 16-bit JRPGs — i.e. me.

Most of Square-Enix's games are half price on iOS, except Chrono Trigger (boo). Some of those games include everything in the Final Fantasy series, the Chaos Rings series, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and (this is the one I'm about to buy) Secret of Mana.

UPDATE: Looks as though the Capcom sale is only in the US for now. Sorry about that. If there's any change we'll let you know.

Capcom's sale is not on iOS — it's on the PSN. But they have an insane amount of top notch games on sale — including practically every version of Street Fighter available on the service.

1942: Joint Strike

Age of Booty

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Breath of Fire 4 (PS1)

CCC: Reloaded

CCC: Remix

Commando 3

Cyberbots (PS1 Imports)


Dino Crisis 2 (PS1)

Fate/Unlimited Codes

Final Fight: Double Impact


Mega Man 4 (PS1 Imports)

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Powerstone Collection

Puzzle World

RE5 Untold Stories Bundle

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Street Fighter 3 Online Complete

Street Fighter 3 Online DLC Bundle

Street Fighter Alpha 1 (PS1)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PS1)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Maxx

Super Puzzle Fighter II HD

Super Street Fighter II HD

Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins

Most of the games listed are at least half price, a couple have greater discounts, a couple slightly less, but if there are any games on the above list that tickle your fancy, now is the time.

Personally, I can thoroughly recommend Bionic Commando Rearmed. Maybe skip the sequel, but the original is awesome.

Thanks VG247 and Pocketgamer


    Are you trying to force me into bankruptcy Serrels? First the Steam sale now this?

    Too bad Chrono Trigger is still $10.49 on iOS.

      And Final Fantasy 3 is $13.99 on iPad. 25% off is not enough to make me break out my wallet for these titles. Oh why am I so poor?

      Note to self get a job.

        And Tactics is still 13 bucks, wouldve got it if it was half price :/

          Tactics isnt on iPad. damn you square enix

    I already have a shockingly long list of games to buy. It's like a Pile of Shame but I'm so far behind that the Pile hasn't even been bought yet!

    This does not help.

    NOOOOOOOOO Keep me away~!!

    NOOOOOOOOO Keep me away~!!

      With a name like yours, I thought we already were!

    Did Squenix ever get around to an iPad version of FFT like they promised months ago?


    Just picked up Scribblenauts on iOS for $0.99 - yay!

    Any actual games on sale? Not downloads?

    That tip the other day about jetpack joyride has reduced productivity in my office to zero. Everyone's playing it. Such a great game!

    Mirror's edge is a good one to pick up for 99c.

    Why no love for Android :( Although I did get so many apps for 10 cents last week it was ridiculous.

      got my first ever android phone just in time for that sale. loved it, they have many sales like that?

    Hey Mark, AU PSN sale will start from the 23rd Dec... there are no details on the sale itself just yet, but this was stated in the most recent Heads Up Store Update on the EU Blog.

    ""However that’s not all! As of the 23rd December we have the Festive Sale starting until the 11th January 2012. So keep an eye out for the blog post for this as it is going to be a big one.""

    Funny how I'll somehow get more fun and amusement from a game that costs me $2, than from one that costs $90.

    Secret of Mana.... Amazing!!

    WHY!!! Oh why won't they bring all of this to Android!!

    Didn't miss that 10 cent sale still, but the problem is my bank doesn't want to give me a visa debt card until I'm 18 and with scruge parents who won't let me use there card as well as games being to cheap to buy a prepaid one I'm a little stuck... Only 3 months to go till the banks can't refuse to trust me and I need a new name on the upside.(Even though I don't wanna grow up :( )

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