The Stranger’s Dream $1 DLC For Bastion

The Stranger’s Dream $1 DLC For Bastion

It’s been a day of surprises for fans of Bastion. First, they announce that you can play the gravel-voiced adventure in Google Chrome. And now comes word that they’ll be releasing DLC for the game next week. (This comes after saying that they’d never make any.)

The Stranger’s Dream add-on hits on December 14 for $US1 and expands the back story of the mysterious narrator. It also opens up two new modes. The customisable Score Attack lets you mix and match from the unlocked Spirits and Idols modifiers to rack up as many points as you can while the cakewalk No Sweat provides minimal challenge for those who just want to experience the story. This DLC will be available for Bastion for Chrome, too, in the next few weeks. The XBLA version will cost $US1 and the Steam version comes as a free title update. More details can be found at Supergiant’s website.

Announcing the Stranger’s Dream DLC for Bastion! [Supergiant Games]


  • Supergiant had this to say about XBLA:
    “The Stranger’s Dream DLC will be available for 80 Microsoft Points ($1) on XBLA, which we can’t make free due to Microsoft policy, so it’s about as close as we could get. Though, since you’ll be getting a good chunk of new content, we think you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.”

    That’s a decent attitude.

    • +1
      Those guys are legends. I tweeted at them just after finishing bastion (roughly said just finished and thought the whole game was great and ending was awesome and intriguing) and they replied saying thanks for enjoying the game!

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