Today The Binding Of Isaac Costs US$1.24

I had a friend tell me that Steam sales were directly responsible for him not having played almost 80 percent of the games he had actually purchased. It's crazy, but there's something about Steam sales — the ease of purchase, the awesome prices — something that just let's loose the strings of our digital wallets, and sends our credit card bills skyward. Today? The highlight is most probably The Binding Of Isaac for a ludicrous US$1.24

There's plenty of other incredible deals — the Total War franchise has 75 percent off, which means that you can save on every single game in the series. Mafia II, which looks incredible on high end PCs, also has 75 percent off.

Personally, I'm going to take it easy on myself. I might get The Binding of Isaac, but that's my limit!


    I paid $2.50 for this game not two days ago. This is disgusting, so disgusting I need to cry, and throw up, everyone get out of my way hurrrffghh

    I think the only reason I haven't bought this game yet is that the overall concept and subject matter just freaks me out :S

      take a walk on the wildside, lanky old mate. it's the greatest.

      take a walk on the wildside, lanky old mate. it's the greatest. please don't be scared.

      take a walk on the wildside, lanky old mate. it’s the greatest. please don’t be scared. trust your uncle hamish.

    Fantastic game. Worth every cent. I got mine with the Humble Bundle #3

    I have 43 games I have not even installed from steam 'pile of shame' is crazy due to it lol.
    still gonna pick this up though XD

    On the main page, the font when it includes a "." can become non-existent, so for me that looked like it costs $124!

    It did indeed look like $124 with a non existent '.'

    I was eagerly waiting to read a hilarious story on why the price was hiked so high.

    Absolutely fantastic game! I've spent 16 hours playing this and I'm not seeing an end in sight as yet. Where else can you be entertained for 16 hours for under $2!

    The music in this game alone is a good reason to buy it. It's so well done. Think i might gift out a copy or two :D

    Glad (?) to hear i'm not alone with steam causing large shamepiles, i've gone from completely ignoring pc gaming, to having a library of over 97 in a year because of steam and humble bundles :|

    I did some calculations and I have spent 40 USD on 14 games, during the sales, I searched those games and the total cost outside the sales, is 210 dollars, so I saved 80%, this is the reason why I love Steam sales over all. I am currently stocking up my stockpile until the next sale :D

    Eh, played it in HIB3. Didn't think much of it.

    This game is warped. Lots of fun and highly frustrating at the same time. Even if it was $5, I'd say give it a bash - it's definitely different.

    This game is heaps of twisted fun. Played for 13hrs so far an still havent finished it. Did get the holiday achivement tho.
    Also yes, the soundtrack is fantastic.

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