What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is almost here which means we all need to begin planning Gumby Fun Day! What will your day of fun involve? For me, I’m jumping back into Sword and Sworcery because I never finished it and I feel that I should. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?

Back in March I bought Sword and Sworcery on iPad. I never finished it because I got stuck and, to be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I think I was just expecting it to be super easy and transparent because it was on iPad. Well, I guess I was wrong! So that’s what I’m playing this weekend. How about you?


  • Collecting Riddler trophies and riddles in Arkham City, think I’m over halfway now. lmao @ the assholery of Batman when he’s interrogating Riddler’s men. Strangely enough I think I’m having more fun now than I was playing through the story. Also I try using the Batclaw to collect the trophies, even when I’m 2m away from it lol, it just looks cool. I’m also sleeping at around 2am and getting to work late…it ain’t easy being Batman! Seriously though I need to sleep earlier :/

    • I’m with you on the Riddler trophies. I always LOL at how polite Batman can be after interrogating.

      ‘How many bones do I need to break?’
      ‘Please don’t hurt me! I’ll tell you everything!’
      ‘Thank you.’

      Aww, such a gentleman. *THUMP*

      But yeah, the challenges are kind of more fun than actually running around following the story. Not that the story’s bad, I’ve just had more fun roaming, spotting fights, trophies, riddles, etc.

      Trying to get more of those navigational/gadget challenges. Those are tough.

      • I’m still waiting to hear ONE SINGLE THING from these interrogees, as soon as their ready to talk he smashes them into the pavement.

  • So I’m not committed enough to the idea of Skyrim to pick it up on xbox360 like I do all my normal games, so I’m going to wait until it’s like $20 on steam and add it to my growing list of games I will play for about two hours then get bored – given this is how it went with Oblivion, I can’t exactly expect Skyrim to be any different until proven otherwise.

    Thankfully, my old-ass PC will actually run Skyrim (according to the ‘can you run it’ webapp), hopefully it runs it better than it ran Alpha Protocol though.

    So with that said (as an explanation as to why I’ll be one of the few people who doesn’t answer ‘SKYRIM’ in this thread), I will probably play MW3 and if it’s well behaved, I might try and knock out Assassin’s Creed Revelations. At the moment it’s in the naughty corner for constantly screwing me over by making Ezio glitch out and flail worthlessly in circles instead of throwing a knife at the cowardly templar den captain I need to kill.

  • Don’t worry Tracey, I don’t think many people got past the point where you actually had to wait a month or something for the moon to rise to keep playing (without changing the clock). Given that youn have reminded me about, may have to revist it.

    Other than drinking, Skyward sword it is as it has won the battle between it and Skyrim for my attention.

  • AC Revelations and Demon’s Souls. I keep psyching myself out of Demon’s Souls, but I’m going to give it another go, because I (think I) enjoyed what I’ve played so far!

    • Quick anecdote: I bought Demon’s Souls back when it came out. Played for 2 hours – got thrashed repeatedly… thought, “What the …? This isn’t a game!” Loaned it to a respected gamer friend, who promptly completed it, gave it back to me, and told me “that was awesome, thanks!”. Decided to try it again on this advice, and the love affair began soon after. It almost didn’t happen! Stay with it Shane, and the rewards will follow!

  • AC Revelations and a bit of Batman. Skyrim is officially on the backburner until Christmas break. **Runs for cover**

  • Making my way through Batman AA before AC and I’m loving every bit of it……so good!!

    But it’s Stearosonic tomorrow so it depends on how big the hangover is on Sunday A’s to how much gaming there will be :p

  • Battlefield 3 for me. I’m past level 10, so it’s starting to get more fun (it was fun anyway, but *more* fun is better) and I want to get past level 20 as soon as I can because apparently that’s when it really shines.

  • I should try to get back into Skyrim before I lose the urge to play it. I went to play it last night, but after finishing Skyward Sword the night before, the swordplay in Skyrim just felt so clunky…

    I guess if there was any game that would make me crave motion controls in more games, it would be Zelda. 😛

  • Skyward Sword. Its consuming me! The only game ive played this year that im having trouble putting down. Its magical.
    Also some co-op Rayman Origins & Little Big Planet 2

  • I am away mountain biking with my ladyfan this weekend. However, tonight we’re having a night in and I am hopeful she will just want to sleep on the couch whilst I play Skyrim! She asked me this morning if it was a 2 player game – at least she’s trying. Hehe.

    • But it is two player. The second player gets experience points for fetching beers and after about 3 beers they unlock the “buy pizza” perk.

      • I was thinking it might me more of a vin rouge evening, McGarnical. However, you’re right, there’s nothing more hearty and robust than swigging from a tankard of strong brew whilst traversing the rustic tundra of Skyrim’s cold locations. And I don’t think it will take too much grinding to attain that all-important pizza perk.

        • The vino is a good point, but it’s an alternative path on the skill tree. I think it leads to a cheese platter but I’m not sure because I’ve been putting all my points into the Healesville microbrew category (White Rabbit shout out!).

          • Nice work on the White Rabbit. I love their dark ale! You may know this already, but they’re owned by the Little Creatures guys. Anyway, I might sink a few points into both. Nothing like mixing it up and seeing what happens!

    • I had something similar. I was playing skyrim and my wife asked me if I would be interested in playing a two player game but she disappeared into the bedroom as soon as she said it! It was very rude so I stayed up playing skyrim.

  • hopefully polish off uncharted 3. Finally got all of the Riddler trophies in Arkham City last night, and then- The Witcher and SC2 beckons

  • Should be renamed “What Are You Playing This Weekend (other than Skyrim)?”

    To answer my own question, nothing, haha.

  • Dark Souls tonight if nothing gets in the way (which it probably will).
    I might get some itunes credit and buy S&S, been meaning to play that for a while now.

  • Hmm… undecided – Skyrim, AC:Rev, SR3, Halo Ann…

    I’ll probably log a few hours into all of them. Want to finish off Halo this weekend – only a couple of levels left, but I missed a couple of terminals (esp at the end of 343GS). I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying SR3, too – it’s just so ridiculously over the top, and the final Matt Miller mission is amazingly geeky.

  • In-laws are visiting so probably not much.

    If I get a chance it’ll be BF3, some Skyrim and maybe some Brink (its free to play for the weekend on Steam again. I might actually buy it this time at 75% off)

  • I’ll play some Skyward Sword, if I get the chance.

    But I am also yet to finish Sword and Sworcery. And you have inspired me to do so over the weekend.

    So, a Skyward Sword and #sworcery weekend for me.

  • – Skyward Sword (Fri/Sat/Sun)
    – Super Mario 3D Land (travelling)
    – Dungeon Defenders (PC) (when I feel up for a 7hr survival run -_-)
    – Terraria 1.10 (when mates want to play)

    looks like I’ll be gaming full time over the weekend!

  • This weekend? Well, I got some games to catch up on. Namely stuff I haven’t played in the last few months. 3D Dot Game Heroes, I’m looking at you!!

    Oh and I have to try and get the rest of the collectibles in Darksiders. Joy.

    Yeah, the only ‘new’ game I have is Skyrim. Blame my lack of a job for not being able to enjoy other games! Ugh, I need to get some money together and get Deus Ex: Human Revolution…

  • Playing “the moving house game”. It has poor reviews though, but I’ll probably sink a good few hours into it

    Also hoping to finally pick up my copy of Batman: Arkham City and play that a bit as well!

    • I got the “Back Breaker” achievment, when i played moving house a few months ago, have no desire to boot that game back up soon.

  • I think I might replay Heavy Rain for the first time since March ’10 — my OCD won’t let me deviate from the path I took then, but still should be awesome to the max. 😀

  • Probably more Serious Sam 3 coop.

    Trying to convince enough friends to buy it to get a 16 player match running.

  • Moving house, cleaning, going to Kmart and, oh… Skyrim. Level 34 and I’ve only just visited the Greybeards. Maybe I’m doing it wrong… 😉

  • Skyrim. Its not really very good for me, because it stops me wanting to play other games. however I might check out the terraria update, and maybe play some bfbc2.

  • Just tonight

    Super Mario 3D Land
    Battlefield 3
    Crysis 2 (nobody plays the MP anymore)
    TF War for Cybertron (people still play this MP though!)

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