What Exactly Is 'The Last Of Us' Teasing?

The Spike Video Game Awards is less of an awards show and more of a smorgasbord of new game announcements. There's another one coming here, a PS3 exclusive teased in this trailer. The URL it references, "lastofus.com", has a concealed registrant and is currently not active. Whatever it is, definitely sounds post-apocalyptic. Just not sure what caused the apocalypse here.


    Please not another dead island clone....

      "Another" dead island clone?

      Am I missing something? I don't recall any slew of games comming out or being annoced recently that mirror dead island....

        This. But then again even if his wording is bizarre his point remains. Dead Island should never be cloned. A great idea ruined by shitty execution in every single possible way.

          Sounds like it's begging for a whole bunch of clones and imitators then. If the idea is solid then somebody else might be able to make something great with it if they got the execution right.

            I thought it was an awful lot like Borderlands myself, with a few neat ideas and a lousy implementations. Borderlands was sort of a 3D diablo. They should do more of that.

    Same font style as the Call of Duty text on the cover of MW3.

    Please be a dead island clone BUT BETTER!

    How about a post-apocalyptic game without zombies? :O

      Fallout doesn't really have zombies, they have mutants, but yeah that's post apocalyptic.

      Unless there are zombies and I've never seen them, then this comment is invalid haha.

        Ghouls are like zombies but more radioactive?

          Yeah true, but they're really nice guys, haha

            Just to add the facts. fallout's ghouls are people exposed to heavy amounts of radiation. they lose there skin. feral ghouls are pretty much zombies because all they want to do is hunt and eat anything that moves except other ghouls.

              Yeah - I think Ghouls fall into the broad categorisation of zombie. They're a lot like the creatures in the Omega Man really (in fact, I always thought this was intentional).

                ghouls and zombies are the same family. In diablo, floor one has zombies and floor three has ghouls. And diablo is fact.

    PS3 exclusive? Something from Quantic Dream maybe. I might just be seeing what I want to, though -- just finished replay of Heavy Rain. ;)

    I'm predicting this game is a third person apocalyptic survival and probably open world. Just SAYIN'

      That sounds amazing. I certainly hope it's something like this and done extremely well. There hasn't really been an open-world survival game that has lived up to the potential of that idea yet. I so very much wants it.

    Whatever it is it'll be good! Havent played one shitty ps3 exclusive yet!

      Never played Lair then :P

        or Haze. :)

          Technically haze was going to get released on the 360 but pure shite just gets flushed

      Without derailing the topic, I didn't think Heavy Rain was very good - I get why its interesting, but I didn't think it had the gameplay to stack up as a good game, or the story to stack up as a good interactive film.

      Most of the PS3 (and x-box) exclusives are pretty good though as long as they aren't made for move or kinnect (there are good games for both devices, but most are completely shit).

    Reminded me of that Children of Men movie.

    Website seems active to me. Has two videos on it, and a date "12.07.11" which I assume is 7th december. Guess we find out then!

    I would love something by Quantic Dream, I am still waiting for the Omikron sequal :(

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