A Lovely Collection Of Dangerous Video Game Weapons

Artist Chris Gerringer has compiled this arsenal of video game weapons for your collection, amusement and enjoyment. Just be careful with the sharp ones.



    No giant also from Saints Row 3? Lol

      That could be the baseball bat or wand hahahaha

        or the purple mace hahahaha

          The bat and yoyo are from mother which is a game featuring Ness, who is featured also in super smash bros

      Did the word dildo get cut out from my original post? Lol

    Woo, cut-off pictures.

    Think I got all of them except the last two. The last one I'm just guessing is Castlevania.

    Vector drawings of weapons. Must be a slow news day.

    Why they all cut off for!?

    thanks though...

    They should totally make a shirt with all these on it, I'd so wear it.

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