Amazon's Got All The Dragon Age You Can Eat For $US11.99

As part of its week-long sale-e-bration of EA PC games, Amazon is offering a digital download bundle of Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate and Dragon Age II for download at the low price of $US11.99. [Amazon]


    Creepy lady stop staring at my roof.

    Just wondering: why post this on an Australian site when Amazon game downloads are for U.S. customers only? Seems like a bit of a tease, really. Or lazy journalism.

    Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Went to download it, got told I couldn't, because I live in Australia.

    Whew! Thank god I read the comments! I was all like "JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!"
    Then Tatsumaki and Prandur set me straight...


    You can just put in a fake US address since it's a digital download.

      Bingo. That works quite well.... so I'm told ;) It certainly helped get BF3 for $40 when amazon was running a crazy preporder promotion.

    Is this redeemable on steam or do you have to use *shudder* origin.

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