Check Out This Battlefield Case Mod. It Has A Freakin' Chain Gun.

Earlier this year, Raptr ran a competition where famed case modder Brian Carter would produce a custom PC based on either Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. He eventually went with the latter. And it's awesome.

The case features an airbrushed Battlefield image on one side, a massive crosshair intake fan, a drinks fridge on the other side (hidden in a first aid pack), giant military toggle switches to turn it on and a spinning chaingun.



      Eh, it is set to a theme. But yeah, is is a little ugly.

        Falcon Northwest cases look amazing, even if you ask for a particular theme on the side (sure, there are some designs that just shouldn't be painted). It's just a really poor choice of excessive red caps/cage thing/metal panel on top/most of the case really.

    like the medic thing

    everything else is just "WHOA"

    What a crap looking job. Are the people who worked on this 12?

    that is way too bright, playin in a dark room with that would f**k up the experience

    How could you call this crap it looks better than most cases you can buy from the pc shop..

    This is awesome IMO. Re - it's to bright etc, I would hope to be able to be able to adjust the light levels (or pull the power cables for the LEDs out), however, I would be proud to own this or have worked on it.

    These days I look for cases that just do a good job at cooling while not looking geeky; living at a college means you don't want to stand out as liking computers too much. Sadly most high performance cases seem to have far too many lights and strange handles.

      Bitfenix shinobi or shinobi XL clean looking and good performing

    This really doesn't look all that 'Military'. It looks like something to aspires to fit the description of what someone else thinks is 'Miltary' but there was a communication break down.

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