Dragon's Dogma Trailer Teases Another Trailer

Yes, it's the most tiresome practice in all of hype-dom: the clip that promotes another clip. Still, Capcom's been very quiet regarding its Japanese-developed, Western-styled action/RPG so any new look at it is worth paying attention.

We really haven't known how to feel about Dragon's Dogma around these parts. It's got some cool things and some meh things. We'll see if that ambivalence changes when the full trailer hits tomorrow.

Dragon's Dogma Teaser Will Ignite Your Passion, Village [Capcom Unity]


    Game looks awesome. Really can't wait for this.

    "Partial Nudity" in the raiting... did i miss something?

      Even slight boobage counts as partical nudity these days. MVC3 got it as well....though now that I think about it.... Morrigan...C.Viper....... hang on, what was I talking about?

    Japanese-developed, Western-styled action/RPG?

    You mean Dark Souls?

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