Electronic Arts Loses Fight For SSX Domain Name

Electronic Arts Loses Fight For SSX Domain Name

Electronic Arts has lost its bid to win the domain “ssx.com” from a holdings firm that bought it up in October. While the holdings firm parked the domain and briefly served ads leading to the game — an action that EA used as the basis for its complaint — an arbitration panel didn’t see that as enough evidence of bad faith to justify turning over the domain.

The National Arbitration Forum, in its opinion, didn’t think much of either side in this case. EA complained that the company holding SSX.com, Abstract Holdings International, made no diligent effort to determine whether SSX.com was in fact someone else’s trademark. The National Arbitration Forum remarked that SSX “is perhaps a common law mark of a number of business and other entities in a number of lines of business all around the world”. However, “given the ease of searches using the common tools of the internet, how much is it to ask of a retailer like Respondent to do a little extra work?”

Abstract Holdings International paid $US200,000 for a lot of domain names, which included SSX.com. The National Arbitration Forum held its nose and said that Abstract had established rights or legitimate interests in the name.

Domain Name Wire noted that Abstract Holdings’ purchase came in October 2011. The SSX reboot was revealed (albeit under the title SSX: Deadly Descents) in December 2010. Once again, it points to the need to sew up domain names before you announce and title a hot new game.

EA loses domain dispute for SSX.com for upcoming SSX launch [Domain Name Wire]


  • I know the guy who owned Halo2.com.au back when halo 1 came out.

    Got a nice 10k checque from a “non MS affiliated company” for the rights to it…

  • Shows how pathetic these arbitration panels are for domain names. ssx.com is clearly not being used for any purpose related to any trademark “ssx”, it’s just opportunistic scum buying up everything they can hoping that one day someone will want it and pay top dollar for it.

  • Why is it that the law only seems to support corporate trolls these days? I have no love of EA, but jeezus…

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