Microsoft Snags Domain Name For Xbox 8

Microsoft Snags Domain Name For Xbox 8

Microsoft has secured the web domain for and, according to a new report. The internet sleuths at Fusible uncovered that Microsoft won the domains back from a Chinese citizen in a case filed with the National Arbitration Forum.

Other domains won in the dispute include,, and

Interestingly enough, the Xbox 360 maker has yet to go after the guy who owns

I reached out to Microsoft to ask what the heck Xbox 8 is and will update should I hear back.

Update: Microsoft’s statement to Kotaku: “Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment.”

Microsoft Corporation secures rights to pair of “Xbox 8″ names at arbitration [Fusible]

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    • Just the point i was about to make. Imagine it interfacing with your Surface and smartglass etc, things could get very cool.

      • This is exactly what I fear. The recent dashboard changes to the 360 has ruined my console as a games machine. It takes aaaaggess to browse for new XBLA titles and the current disc title only gets a tiny icon vs the Foxtel, Bing, Zune, Windows Phone bloatware.

        The problem with ecosystems is that they’re all-or-nothing, which sucks for the consumers like me who pick and choose. I have a Windows 7 tower, MacBook Air, iPad, Xbox, PS3 and an Android phone. I have no interest in a WP8 phone and I NEVER use Bing.. So Microsoft, stop assuming that because I choose one of your products means I’m okay with you shoe-horning your catalogue down my throat. Apple also does it to a degree, but Microsoft is by far the worst offender with the path of their 360 firmware. I’m half expecting them to insert Office trials in the next patch.

  • Makes sense. The first Xbox 360 you bought was was the Xbox 3. When that RRoDd you bought another Xbox 360, which was your Xbox 4. Then again, Xbox 5; Xbox 6; Xbox 7…

    • Hahaha! Even so I’m still only up to Xbox 6!

      I guess there is still time before Christmas 2013.

    • Can you count the Kinect as an Xbox-Kinect, or maby that star wars Xbox or any Special Xbox and you might get a number closer to 8?

  • Xbox 8 > Windows 8
    8 rotated is ∞ (Infinity)
    ∞ > Would go with the recent leaked documents regarding the next Xbox being the last by never needing to upgrade Hardware again (Possible streaming games and graphics, See Nvidia GeForce GRID)

    I think I’m onto something here…

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