Here's Red Dead Redemption's Most Modern Town Re-Made In Minecraft

Blackwater was the newest part of Red Dead Redemption's Old West, the section of Rockstar's hit game that pointed the most to the 21st Century where people were playing it. It was a bit of time travel, if you will.

That time travel gets another twist with a re-creation of the RDR location in Minecraft. Minecraft's stock-in-trade is blocky, old-school 8-bit graphics and a lot of the homages done in Mojang's hit hark back to gaming's past like Punch-Out!! The Blackwater build touches on a more recent game, yet looks like it could've been based on Sunset Riders.

Red Dead Redemption's Blackwater

[Planet Minecraft, via Rockstar Newswire]


    The same thing I say to all of these Minecraft creations:

      Agreed. But ehh... some people enjoy it. I would prefer something real/tangible but eh. EHHH

    if you dont appreciate it, then you dont get it.
    knowing the amount of work that goes into stuff like this gives you the greater sense of respect for the creators.

    Awesome :)

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