I See A Faster Fable In The The Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Demo

I See A Faster Fable In The The Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Demo

You get exclusive items for Mass Effect 3 if you play the demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you play it. From the demo, Reckoning looks like it could be a fairly entertaining and worth-while RPG. If you played Fable and thought, “Man, this combat is too slow!” then Reckoning deserves your attention.

The demo for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is available now for download on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC. It gives you forty-five minutes to explore the open world of Amalur, which is plenty of time to justify or rule out a future purchase.


  • Ummmm what about the most important part… is the story/plot/characters like fable? This is my no 2 anticipated this year atm, but by god if the those aspects mimic fable I’m going to be so dissapointed.

  • What a week to be without internet at home… The Darkness 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur demos. I suppose I’ll have internet by the time it stops being a “gold exclusive”, which people advertising these demos should really point out. There are people that use Xbox Live that don’t have a paid subscription.

      • I suppose, but at least a footnote or something, any indication at all – “Free demo now available*.” … “*Requires Gold subscription”. It wouldn’t need to be intrusive or extravagant, just a reminder to the forgetful free subscribers (that make up about half their members) that they can’t get it just yet. In mean, it’s not like Microsoft are averse to fine-print, and would an asterisk really annoy anyone that much?.
        I remember the days when they didn’t do this, and it’s just plain annoying to have to wait a week when the announcement says “you can download it now”. Not worth paying $50pa to get around, but still somewhat annoying.

        • Can always just create a new passport xbox live account and get it that way. I don’t have gold and never will, does not stop me.

  • I always feel that the God of War series is misrepresented when compared to most character action games these days. The combat in God of War is very fluid and complex compared to most button-mashy attempts in these types of games. Oh well, I guess it’s an easy comparison to make and is easily recognisable by most people but I feel a user can feel disappointed if they come in expecting a certain combat system and get a simpler version.

    *Not really a rant just an observation*

  • Enjoyed the demo. Played both the 360 and the pc version. If you have a decent controller then def buy the pc version. Looks so much better. Though this will be put on the shelf until I finish FF13-2. Feb is a good month for rpgs!

  • Demo was pretty good.

    Positives: the art style is easy to look at, character and weapon designs are pleasantly exaggerated and stylized.

    Combat. It’s the best in an RPG I’ve played so far. Fighting enemies is fluid and fun ad action packed. It doesn’t get boring and it varies nicely between ‘classes’.

    Negatives: graphics, they’re a bit plain and lack detail and repeated furnishings are apparent right away.

    Animations. During conversation characters animate strangely and facial animations are non-existent. There’s really great voice acting but the faces look completely emotionless.

    The ‘vast open world’ is a bit of an exaggeration. Especially in a post Skyrim world. You cant go very far off the path, you can’t explore everything you see, you won’t be climbing the side of a mountain and watching the sun set. It more resembles Fable’s linear, contained environments that are connected by narrow paths.

    Overall it’s lots of fun. I probably won’t get it at launch cause I’ve already got plenty of games to play but I think once I’ve plundered every corner of Skyrim and the mid-year game famine sets in this game will really satisfy my itch.

  • The Demo was severely disappointing. The field of view is woeful, the camera does nothing to make the experience better, VERY sensitive, yet it doesn’t correct itself ever.

    Shooting an arrow is impossible, no manual aiming, not even a camera adjust for locking on.

    The combat is not fluid, you feel like you are spawning weapons each time you change them. Come on, would it hurt to HOLD a shield when your not blocking? To have it magically appear feels sloppy.

    Then there is the over the top use of colours. There is no tone to this game. Now people could percieve that as “you want a brown game!” – no I don’t.

    What I mean is, there is no tonality to the scene, it feels like a cheap cartoon, rather then an evocative fantasy. Trine, for instance, does a much better job.

    Also, what is with this obsession with colour flairs coming off weapon swings, it feels overused and tacky.

    There is also a tonne of invisible walls from what I played, and very few interactive objects apart from crates and levers.

    I’m glad I played the demo, because I was hyped for this game, now I am not.

    • I totally agree with you Awakening.

      You don’t want them to put tone into the games art direction. If they did that it would be Fable III.

      The “choose your destiny” is stunningly similar to Fable.

      I’ve never played God of War, but if that is where the frequent pauses per attack and start of combat. . . they should stop that.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some people get motion sickness with that camera movement.

      Are there any reviews out there that are not positive? The game wouldn’t run properly with post processing and crashes randomly. The crashing problem is affecting other friends. It’s a same the demo came out so close to the release date of the game. It’s too late to alter code to keep future players that have played the demo.

      The game isn’t bad. I’d pay $20 for it. . . not $60.

  • It wasn’t bad, but there were a number of things that others have already mentioned that weren’t very good about it either.

    The only reason I even looked at the demo was for the free Mass Effect 3 goodies (mission accomplished, BTW), but I might pick up KoA at a later date from the bargain bin.

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