Major League Gaming Steps Up Fight Against SOPA

The dreaded, and ridiculous "Stop Online Piracy Act" has upset a lot of people, who in turn have spent a lot of time saying how upset they are. It's also upset a rather large gaming enterprise, who have put their money where their mouth is.

Following the decision late last year by hosting provider GoDaddy to support the proposed bill, Major League Gaming has removed its entire network, which is made up of over 100 individual domains, from GoDaddy, and moved them to rival firm Namecheap.

The MLG says it made the move because it "is firmly against both the specifics of SOPA and the philosophy behind the bill".

Note that GoDaddy actually withdrew its support of SOPA almost a week prior to the MLG's public announcement of the move, so...unless the decision had been made earlier and is now too hard to reverse, that's a little unlucky.

MLG Moves All Domains Off [MLG]


    GoDaddy shouldn't have supported it in the first place. The only reason they withdrew support was because they were losing clients so stuff 'em.

      Perfectly said. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

    GoDaddy supported SOPA because they potentially could've made a ton of money. Under SOPA, domestic sites would supposedly been immune. So any foreign site could've theoretically registered their domain with a USA domain registrar and been immune. $$$ for GoDaddy

      umm I am pretty sure its the complete opposite, the bill has no power to shut down over seas sites since the USA doesn't control the internet (tho same bill in other countries will follow swiftly if passed), but if an local USA site is found infringing the site is shut down and the owners prosecuted, under the will of any company, when ever they want to (which is why its very bad, sites like youtube and facebook would be shut down so many times that they will be forced to not exist unless heavy censorship from the owners which will destroy the sites, imagine Facbook and youtube having to check every single post and video!). All non US sites can have any US outgoing money blocked, like they are some terrorist organisation.

        The bill is specifically aimed at 'rogue' overseas websites mchaza, so it is worded to take out sites that are not from the US.

        It does have the power to potentially take down any website though. And in this case, the US does control the internet; the main way they will 'take down' websites is to remove them, or block them from being accessed on the internets DNS servers (ie. the will no longer work), and currently all DNS servers are hosted in the US (at least that is what I have been told).

          Sobering and valid points. Together with the NDAA, I believe I simply can't live in the USA. I wouldn't have any civil rights (this IS the country openly torturing people, holding them without trial indefinitely etc in sites like Guantanamo Bay. If they already do such crimes to foreign nationals, and are starting to their own people, why would they stop short of it *all*?)

    props to MLG!

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