Make Your Xbox 360 Avatar Really Hard-Boiled With These Max Payne 3 Items

What's your Xbox Avatar's current look? A generic t-shirt with a lightsabre and cat? Come on, you can do better than that. To celebrate the slightly delayed release of Max Payne 3, Microsoft's rolling out virtual threads and accessories that pay homage to Rockstar's modern noir franchise.

Among the highlights, guy gamers can suit up with the titular hero's suit from Max Payne 2, and female Xbox users have a choice of clothes from hired killer Mona Sax. There are also t-shirts with box art from the first Max Payne and other goodies that you can view on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Classic Max Payne Avatar Items Now Available on Xbox LIVE [Rockstar Newswire]


    It makes me sad when people refer to Max Payne as "Rockstar's"... I know it's tecnically true at this point... But still...

    Also, Captain Baseball Bat Boy kicks ass.
    (Please don't include him as a DLC mulitplayer character, Rockstar... you've done enough) :-P

      Me too.

      It also makes me sad that people buy up this e-crap on xbox. It's marketing and people are PAYING for it? It should be free.

    I have not spent a single cent on my avatar. Would you pay for the right colour in the pants of a cartoon character you've drawn in a book you keep under your bed that nobody ever sees?

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