Nintendo Adds More Tunes, Tour Dates To Legend Of Zelda Concert Series

It's 2012, which means that it's not even The Legend of Zelda's 25th Anniversary any more. But that's not stopping Nintendo from extending the tour that celebrates the music of their long-lived adventure RPG franchise.

Eleven more dates have been added in the US and Canada for The Legend of Zelda concert series, and audiences who go to those dates will hear an all-new suite that features themes from Zelda titles Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. See below for the cities that have added concert dates and head to for tickets and more info. Next week's Dallas concert is already sold out so be quick about it. (NOTE: Tickets for the September 29 concert don't go on sale until March 31.)

January 10 Dallas

March 14 Vancouver, British Columbia

March 26 Seattle

March 28 San Francisco

April 7 Denver

April 20-21 Phoenix

May 12 Atlanta

May 31 Montreal, Quebec

June 22 Austin, Texas

July 14 Orlando, Florida

September 29 Toronto, Ontario


    time to make some plans to go stateside, it seems.. there's next to no chance australia would get a show. tis sad.

    come to australia i want to go to this so bad :(

    i highly doubt they will come to australia, but it would be nice if the did

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