Oh, If Only We'd Actually Gotten This Amazing Battlestar Galactica RPG

In the same vein as the previously wonderful Game of Thrones RPG parody video, CollegeHumor has posted a mock-up of what a SNES RPG based on the recent Battlestar Galactica series would have looked like.

And just like with GoT, they nail it. Especially the effects budget stuff.

If you haven't seen the show, and someday intend to, know that there's a spoiler or two to be found, so you've been warned.

Oh, one more thing. The video gave me a black screen and "video not found" error on Firefox but worked in Chrome, so if you have any hassles, switch browsers.


    wow that was incredible

    Effects budget depleted! Switching to "debates in spaceships" mode.
    So true.

    It reminded me of the horrible letdowns of the show, but did it in an amusing way... so I'm okay with it. Bravo.

    That is a grand video.

    the opera house was explained....

      ...and the baby too, right? :/

      Nevertheless, the parody was there to be made. But I'm not averse to writers adopting a write-as-you go strategy, or changing their minds, if it serves the show; it's the overall story that matters.

      As Ron Moore himself stated, "It's about the characters, stupid!" :)

    haha, this was wonderful. I need to make sure my friend finally watched the last 3 episodes before I forward this to them though :-P...

      No don't, it will be more enjoyable for him this way, no wasting his time...

      God the ending of that show sucked, but damn were the first few seasons fantastic.

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