Is This The Battlestar Galactica Video Game Fans Have Been Waiting For?

Is This The Battlestar Galactica Video Game Fans Have Been Waiting For?

A raging Battlestar Galactica fan was looking over my shoulder as I watched this official gameplay trailer for Bigpoint’s browser-based online combat game based on the hit science fiction series. She was not pleased.

My fiancée was draw to my work desk by the haunting sounds of Bear McCreary’s original score, ears perked up in a way that I will not describe as doglike in the interest of self-preservation. Then she stared in horror as the lifeless Adama puppet appeared on the screen.

“Oh, poor Six,” she exclaimed as Tricia Helfer’s likeness came into focus, lamenting the fact that her breasts were combined into one unwieldy uni-boob.

I’m no Battlestar fan myself, but this reaction from the biggest one I know does not bode well.

Battlestar Galactica Online is currently in closed beta testing in North America in Europe, with open beta starting within the next few months. Will you be playing?


  • Battlestar fans were not waiting for a Battlestar video game as Battlestar fan’s know that any game put out would in all likely hood suck.

    Why hope for something that will never meet expectations.

  • I’ve been playing for 2 weeks in beta and it’s very buggy understandably. Its fun for a bit but becomes such a grind searching for resources. I’d say the fighting other players is quite fun and you can buy all sorts of weapons and computers plus upgrade each many times. This gives you a sense of strategy. I just hated the gathering of resources as you have to scan about 30 different asteroids to find anything of value. Do that 1000 times and it gets boring fast.

  • This article isn’t quite true as I’ve been playing the beta a little bit and I’m in Brisbane. The lag isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the creators have tried their best to make a good Battlestar game but it falls very short for me. At the moment it’s limited but this could be because it’s beta still.

  • The way the trailer cuts from the human running to the cylon running makes it look like they did not even try to give the races unique movement.

    Its sad to see THAT is the only animation for character movement (I know 90% of the time you should be in the cockpit, but still…)

  • Battlestar Galactica has ample material to make a game adaption. If you’re hoping for a great one, wait a few years, because this is not it.

    It’s made by a tiny studio on a shoestring budget as a free-to-play browser game. It’ll be buggy, unplayable, with low server population etc.

    My ideal BSG game is a sort of Rogue Squadron-style action game made by Factor 5 with this current generation’s power. One can dream though.

  • I’ve also been playing in the beta, and yes, it’s very grindy. Of course they are hoping that the microtransaction model will work (you can either endlessly grind for fuel or pay for the resources with real cash).

    And just as you accumulate a little stash, there’s a patch, and everyone’s reset back to the start.

    The battles are fun, though.

  • Ship combat looked good, but the human animations, lighting, and possibly models need work. Fortunately the robotic movement kinda works for the cylons. 😛

  • Wait a minute. If you’re playing as a human, that’s all well and good. You’re versatile, you can fly, run around, whatever. That’s fine.

    But how the flying hell can you be a centurion and fly a Raider? Cylon ships don’t have pilots, Cylon ships ARE Cylons!

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