Pokémon, Digimon, What's The Difference?

A situation that's surely played out at hundreds of birthday parties over the years gains new life courtesy of the fine folks at Dorkly.

I spent countless hours in toy stores during the early oughts explaining the difference between Pokémon and Digimon to confused parents. Usually the explanation would boil down to Pokémon making better video games and Digimon making better toys. If it came to cartoons, I'd get confused, scream, and run out of the shop.

I mean come on, that Digimon Movie was pretty damn good.


    Anyone excited for the new Digimon World game coming out on the PSP?

    The difference can be summed up as Pokemon > Digimon :P

    The difference?

    Pokemon are pets and Digimon are partners

    obviously this is a super simplified way to look at it but that's how I explained it my parents when I was younger

    Indeed that movie was good.

    On a scale of awesomeness of the shows there isn't much difference. Both of them started out excellent and after about 3 seasons started to droop a little getting boring and repetitive.

    Thinking about it a bit more though the Digimon anime did have something of a better story. Rather than Gym battle, Gym battle, Gym battle, Contest. Digomon focused more on the lives of those kids and I think I remember actually starting to tear up at the end of one season.
    On the game front Pokemon has it hands down, although Digimon did push out a few good ones they were just never as good as Pokemon. I mean I had a Digimon card battle game which was like some kind of weird Yu-Gi-Oh hybrid and for the record... Everything>Yu-Gi-Oh.


      Pokemon had way more teary moments.

    Pokemon has better games, Digimon has better anime.

    Out of the Digimon/Pokemon anime and the Pokemon/Digimon games, the only thing anyone ever need bother themselves with is the pokemon games.


    Digimon can't touch that shit.

    Ehhhhhhhhh.... I'm not too sure. The Pokemon games were awesome, they probably still are, but I got tired of it being almost the same game with new critters.

    I really started to get into the Digimon games on DS. I like the evolution system, and the battles. It was a nice change from trying to catch em all.

    Having said that, Pokemon had better cartoons.

    honestly, i liked digimon way more as a kid then i did pokemon, most likely because i didn't have a gameboy, but i did have a digimon, in fact, i still have my first generation digimon toy!

    and yes, that movie was amazing

    Di Di Di/ Digimon/ Digimon/ Di Di Di/Digimon Digital Monsters/ Digimon Are The Champions/
    Absolutely loved the Digimon Anime way more than Pokemon, been trying to track down a couple of Digimon V-Pets. Anyone from Sydney know where I can find a set?

    Digimon started out a virtual pet game while Pokemon sated out as a video game, and the games for the main series are all basically the same, but with diffident trainers same plot.

    Digimon has a far better anime, since the charters are not the same people or Digimon every season, unlike Pokemon were we still have Ash and Pikachu who seem to forget things along the way, or losing to new trainers (who just got their Pokemon), Ash will never achieve his Dream.

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