Rockstar Studies The Cops 'n Robbers Of São Paulo For Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games has posted the first in a series of posts about the creation of their upcoming action game Max Payne 3. In this one, they talk about visiting the city of São Paulo, Brazil, the setting for the game. Both Max Payne and Max Payne 2 had been set in New York.

It's a detailed write-up, and demonstrates how much care Rockstar has put into recreating the vibe of the city. I've had enough gunfighting in virtual New York to last a lifetime, so I'm really looking forward to what Max gets up to in a new, grittier setting.

The Weapon-Weielding Gangsters and Special Police Commandos of Max Payne 3 [Rockstar]


    Are those photos supposed to show what the game is based off because the only similarities in these pictures are a white dude and a palm tree, that could be almost anywhere in the tropics, actually the in game pic reminds me of indonesia lol. Anyway Im interested in this but can't view the links at work :(

      I thought the same about the comparison. The RL picture on the left looks like a place I might visit for the experience. The one on the left looks like a s**t hole I would never step foot in.

        two lefts don't make a right. The picture on the right, RIGHT!.

        I'm married to a Brazilian girl, and trust me Sao Paulo isn't somewhere you want to visit lol

    Sao Paulo!!! this just went meh to must have. Cannot wait to see this. Does anyone know if it is a linear design or a sandbox?

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