Rumour: Resident Evil 6 Hits This November

New of Resident Evil 6 leaked early today. The game will be out on November 20, 2012, according to some images snagged by IGN.

It looks to be headed for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

IGN tried to get RE publisher Capcom to confirm, but they got the standard not-commenting-on-rumors thing.

The viral site is expected to reveal more later today.

Resident Evil 6 Logo Leaked [IGN]


    'New of Resident Evil 6'

    Welcome to Kotaku, where proof-reading is optional

    Trailer is here:

    yeh the trailer is already up with the confirmed release date.. man I should be a Kotaku journalist..

      I had goosebumps watching that.....f**king awesome!!!

    Looks like a giraffe getting head.

      *looks at the six*...........................I CAN"T UNSEE!!!!!!

      That's the new "Perverted Zombie Giraffe" enemy that features heavily throughout the new campaign.

    That is an interesting "6" they've come up with there...

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