Resident Evil 6 Shambles Forwards, Now Out In October

Last we heard, Resident Evil 6 was out in November. Well, that's now changed, as a leaked trailer - posted on Sony's Italian YouTube site and since pulled - indicates the game's release date is now October 2.

We'll have more coverage on the game later today.

New Resident Evil 6 trailer [NeoGAF]


    Never played the RE series, but nevertheless still wanted to check the trailer out.

    All i could think was what kind of evil man uses a VHS tape on a HD TV.

    Not to mention, i still can't get the image of a someone blowing a giraffe out of the "6"

      Bahahahahhahahahahahaa never noticed that

      Bahahahahhahahahahahaa never noticed that


    So excited for this thing. That shot at the end with Leon and Chris, face-to-face, in show-down mode, is just great.

    could be the demo out on 2/10 and game on 20/11...
    have they actually anounced that the release has been brought forward?

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