She's Only 23 And Has A Retro Game Museum

Ever wonder how much retro game idol Haruna Anno loves video games? Enough to make a retro gaming museum.

Anno, who also does bikini modelling, believes that video games are culture and spearheaded this space to preserve that culture.

The museum features old arcade games on free-play, old game mags to peruse, games, and retro collectibles.

If you want to visit the museum, you'll need to make a reservation via email. During weekdays, it costs ¥500 ($6.50) for an hour at the museum. Weekends are ¥1000 ($13).

Anno is a busy lady and isn't always at the museum, but, according to the museum's site, she occasionally puts in an appearance.

In the above video, Anno provides a tour of the museum.

杏野はるなゲームミュージアム開放中。 [EggCore via Kotaku Japan]

Top photo: iCon


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