Show And Tell: N3V Games

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your studio/team? Hi I’m Shaine Bennett and I’m the marketing director for N3V Games. We are a small studio based on the Gold Coast, in Queensland. We have our staff split into two small teams here: one works on our Trainz Simulator title that we run, while the other works on our mobile games titles, with Dead on Arrival being a first from this team.

What game are you working on at the moment? We’re currently working on new content for our recently released mobile game Dead on Arrival. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and suggestions since its launch and we’re looking to expand upon it, and hopefully give the fans some of the things they’re asking for. It’s a twin stick zombie survival shooter.

Where and when can we play? Dead on Arrival has just been recently released (December 10th!), and is now available free to download on all current iOS devices through the App store & on Android devices via the Android Marketplace.

What’s next for your studio/team — any big plans? We have some big plans coming up for 2012. The next project we’re finishing up on is called Heist. It’s a noir style story about a bank robbery, and we think it brings a new level of story telling to the mobile gaming scene. We are pretty proud of how it’s developing so far, and can’t wait to show the public.

Any words of advice for those who want to get into the games industry? The games industry can be a difficult industry to crack, but persistence is the key. If you have an idea for a game that you’re passionate about, start work on it and don’t wait. You can always use it in you’re portfolio if you’re looking for work with a bigger studio.

Check out Dead On Arrival here.

Are you an indie developer or student with a cool project to share? It doesn't matter if the game is still in development or you've recently finished it — we want to see it! Contact us here with a bit of info about your game and the subject line "SHOW AND TELL".


    damn, now i need to go home and check out Dead on Arrival, looks pretty epic...
    Heist looks awesome too...
    love these articles, good work Tracey

      Agreed on all counts.

      Love me some F2P iOS shooters. Y'all should try out Dredd Vs Zombies if it's still free. Really solid and responsive controls for an iOS isometric shooter.

      Hoping to be able to say the same about DoA which I'll pick up tonight.

    Pitty there parent company AID just made over 50 people redundant...

    Not working on my galaxy nexus. Opening sequence just keeps starting and restarting.

    AID isn't their parent company. N3V Games is independently owned and operated.

    Both companies offices are on the same street, if that's your area of confusion.

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