The Coolest Gaming Station I've Ever Seen

The MWE Emperor 200 may be labelled a "workstation", but don't let that fool you. It's being demoed using video games for a reason: this is not for work. It's for playing video games. In the future.

Note I did not say it was practical. Where you can put a desk and a chair you can do all of what the Emperor 200 is doing for a fraction of the cost (it goes for $45,000).

But chances are your humble desk and chair setup does not have an "ergonomic leather seating unit", three touch-screen monitors (each a 24″ LED display), motorised screen and chair adjustments, LED lighting and THX surround sound system. It even has an air filtration system, supposedly in case you smoke. Or just fart a lot.

At that price it's aimed squarely at the ultra-rich, sure, but the rest of us can dream, right?

Emperor 200 [MWE, via technabob]


    I'll get one of these.

    One day.

    The ultimate wank cage

      ahahahahaha no doubt that was the original prototype's working name.


    but who buys these things seriously.... where is the market...

      Ahem - fat, rich, nerds.

    What no drink and snack holders...surely not.

    Naugh don't want it. For that price the seat should move. ie. so you can get the feeling of g forces in a racing game. Its just a glorified chair with a few screens. NO way is it worth 45,000!!!

    That looks damn familiar, where have we seen stuff like that before...
    Could it be... Mass Effect? I know I've seen them around, and I'm pretty sure you see something very similar on the citadel. Anyone have pics?

    I'm not really feeling the "want" I thought I would...

    Pretty sure I saw an article on one of these that was at the CES. Even had these white LED lights above your head. Though pretty sure it was only around $6,000. Anyone else recall seeing this?
    Ah yep here's a vid of it
    I would much rather 7 of those than just 1 of these.

    Does it come

    I actually used to thing that would be a good idea... years later and some R&D attempts of my own proved locking yourself into a machine is not practical.

    5 min break between rounds is enough to grab a drink or what ever other things you need to do like feed pets, when it takes 5 mins to open your out of luck.

    HELL yeah

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