Herman Miller And Logitech Finally Designed A Gaming Chair From Scratch

Herman Miller And Logitech Finally Designed A Gaming Chair From Scratch

When you’re perched in front of a pricy gaming PC all day long, it’s probably not a bad idea to splurge on a decent chair too — your spine will thank you later. Herman Miller has long been synonymous with proper ergonomics for desk jockeys, and the company’s new Vantum chair is its latest gaming-focused collaboration with Logitech.

This isn’t the first time Herman Miller and Logitech G (Logitech’s gaming-focused sub-brand) have collaborated on gaming furniture. Back in 2020, the two companies debuted the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, but that collaboration felt like a high school group project where one student does most of the work. The Herman Miller Embody chair actually dates back to 2008, and the Logitech G collaboration simply updated it with some more branding, an added layer of cooling foam for more support, and a price tag that was about $US100 ($139) cheaper.

Herman Miller has gone on to create other gaming-variants of its most popular chairs, including the Aeron Gaming Chair and the Sayl Gaming Chair, but today it’s announcing a new collaboration with Logitech G, and this time around it’s a completely new chair designed from the ground up. Meet the Vantum.

Image: Logitech

Instead of adapting an office chair for gaming purposes, the Vantum sounds like it’s specifically designed for the needs of gamers and tailored for two specific uses. The chair is designed to place gamers “in an active/upright position the moment they sit down” through the use of a custom seat pad and added adjustable support for the lower back that helps reduce slouching and, in turn, helps reduce fatigue during longer gaming sessions.

Image: Logitech

Alternately, the Vantum is also designed to provide a comfy place for gamers to unwind and relax afterwards, with the inclusion of an adjustable headrest that supports “the area where the base of a player’s head meets their spine,” paired with a thoracic support pad that is claimed to “properly support the upper back, neck and head when in a relaxed position.” The chair will supposedly maximise a gamer’s stress relief efforts after a match by adequately supporting their bodies in a relaxed position so they can quickly reset and be ready for the next challenge.

The Vantum’s promised ergonomics are probably its most compelling feature, next to a $US995 ($1,381) price tag (in Polar, Flare or Obsidian colour options) that makes it $US500 ($694) cheaper than the older Embody Gaming Chair. That’s still not exactly cheap as gaming chairs go, but with Herman Miller contributing to the design, you’re probably doing your spine a big favour by opting for the Vantum over a gaming chair that’s biggest selling point is LED lighting.

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