The Ridiculous Bikini Cowgirl Outfits Don't Stop

In Onechanbara, it used to be enough to have a bikini cowgirl hack up the undead. Now it seems like just a dress-up game.

Make that, a dress-up game that microtransactions you to death.

Here are more DLC costumes — some of which are downright goofy — joining the one's Kotaku posted earlier. Those were pretty silly, too.

Fans of Dream Club will notice that costumes from the virtual hostess game. I also see rabbit ears, masks and sunglasses. Still no sign of demon tits, though.

These Onechanbara Z: Kagura DLC packs hit the Xbox 360 at the end of this month in Japan.

本日発売の「お姉チャンバラZ ~カグラ~ [4Gamer]


    Now if only we could cram these into skyrim somehow

      Oh don't worry a mod will come in eventually....

      Meanwhile... I DEMAND AN ENGLISH PORT! xD

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