The Voice Of Mass Effect 3's Newest Character

Mass Effect 3 will introduce James Vega, a new character whose journey through the story is included to help newcomers understand the trilogy. The voice actor for Vega is this man, Fred from Scooby Doo. Zoinks!

OK, OK, he also has sci-fi/video game acting chops, as Lt Blair in 1999's Wing Commander (a flop that made Scooby-Doo look like A Passage to India). Well, anyway, at least it's not Nolan North, right?

You can get Prinze's take on Vega and Mass Effect (he's played the first two games, he says) in this GameTrailers TV excerpt from yesterday.



      It's DENNY Crane, not Donny........

    This is cool, martin sheen did a great job in ME2 hopefully fred does well.

      Ever the Paragon optimist Shepard. I hope you're right.

      He owes gaming redemption for Wing Commander (the movie).

    Seems like an alright guy.

    Some cool things that fans might be interested in:

    1. Glimpse of 'dog' robot from the collectors edition.

    2. Shot of a Banshee (reaperised Asari).

    3. Turian fighters in a space battle.

    I was really surprised at how nice of a guy he is. An unlike other voice actors, he seems to have a grasp of what he's talking about. Another plus is that he's a gamer.

    I don't have much care for the character though. Stereotypical buff marine.

    I do like how enthusiastic he is about the genre & the specific title. I believe he'll have performed well for the voice acting.

    Does that mean he's finished writing shitty scripts for the WWE?

    Who cares what else he has done or will do in the future... The guy married and impregnated Buffy

      + 1 Million

      Have you ever dealt with a Slayer on PMS?

      Basically one week a month. RUN. JUST RUUUUUN!

      (Makes Dark Willow look like a Care Bear!)

    If he's anything like Kaidan or Jacob then I'll never use him unless I'm forced to. I found that no matter the difficulty, squad members are pretty useless so I always took Garrus and Ashley/Miranda.

    I'm not a big fan of Vega as a character.

    That is all.

    Let me get this straight.
    EA are telling Bioware to do more of what they want.
    The results?
    - Co-op in a single player RPG...
    - A new character who looks like a Jersey Shore contestant...
    - Voiced by...*gulp*...FREDDIE PRINZE JR.
    (How's your ties to Seth Green going for you Freddie? Aren't you glad you married Buffy? Now you can butcher Wing Commander **AND** Mass Effect!)

      Both franchises set up by companies that were subsequently purchased by EA, too.

        Considering WC Prophecy was a half arsed attempt at Wing Commander The Next Generation, this is not a good sign.
        (Okay game, great visuals, the plot and characters? Errrm...)

          A fun take on Freddie Prinze Jr and how he decimated Wing Commander (with help from Matthew Lilliard!) by The Spoony One :

    I still don't really care for him. Or even see at this point why he's especially needed. Is anyone really open to a new character when we have garrus and the gang left to reunite with? At least they picked a good actor for him. Seeing him spar with male sherpard really brings into light how utterly awful and unnatural Male Sherpard's actor is. .

    "The surname Vega may be traced to the Castile region of Spain"

    And yet they use an average white guy without a trace of Spaniard to be seen. This is my surprised face.
    (I'm white for the record.)

    At least they didn't hire Sean Connery again.

    And they would have got away with this casting if it wasn't for those pesky kids.

    Hopefully his voice acting will be better than his Bgrade movie career.... But thats about as likely as finding a difference between dubstep songs

    The fight scene between Vega and Shepard looks like 2 figurines being pushed together. Can we get some facial emotions?! It just kills it for me.

    At least you have a choice of not selecting him as one of your companions. For me, those companions will predominantly be Liara and Garrus.

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