This Deus Ex-Inspired Short Hacks Its Way Into Your Eyeballs

Seems to me that fan films inspired by video games can go one of two ways. Either they try to perform the stunts and action in titles like Batman: Arkham City or they focus on recreating the look of the fictional worlds in the games they draw from.

Extraction Point — sent in by its director Simon K. Jones — falls into the latter category, using Deus Ex: Human Revolution as its jumping-off point. It's a nice visualisation of what Adam Jensen's enhancements might look like in the real world. Would you know if there were a cloaked someone walking right by your desk? Maybe's there an invisible cyborg there right now. No sudden moves, OK?


    Kotaku behind the scenes post:

    "And it looks way too slick/expensive to be a fan film."
    Well, well, well Luke Plunkett. Looks like it WAS a fan film, thou shall not prejudge a fans ability to make a decent film from now on ey?

      If that's the same film, then the film makers spent a lot of time and money on stunt people and costuming that they never bothered using.

      It ain't the same film.

    Is this the same team that released the "Behind the scenes" video a while back? I could have sworn there was more melee combat and someone who actually looked like Adam Jensen in it.

    Might have taken a lot from Deus Ex HR, but it sure as hell doesn't have the same feel.

    lol, what was with him stabbing that dude, looked a bit uncoordinated.

    nice work though, special effect were awesome. Just needs more blocking and camerawork.

    Yeah, has some of the look but not the feel. Seemed a little too much like the cheap campiness of District B13 (yes I know it was low budget but it also sure felt like it).

    Was it just me or does Jensen sound like Timothy Olyphant? He has the right sort of attitude to do a movie version. Just see him in "Justified". Wise cracking mean mother.

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