While You Were Sleeping

It's hot in Sydney. So I slept like a baby... one of those annoying babies who are sick or something and actually don't sleep. You guys might have had an easier time of it. Anyway, the point is, this is the game news that kicked on while you were sleeping. Honestly, the term 'slept like a baby' makes no sense...

Star Wars: The Old Republic looked good, then it looked a little less good. What gives? This is an explanation. Also The Old Republic's first major update, Rise of the Rakghouls, is coming soon — more details be here. Which would be great if we officially had the game here.

Normally when people strike, they withhold their work, they don't threaten suicide. But who am I to judge? No-one. YOu may have heard the story of the Xbox 360 workers in China that threatened suicide — here are some pics of their protest.

Also — Abobo's Big Adventure is finally available, and Ninja Gaiden 3 has multiplayer!

In Short Why Most Of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Hi-Res Graphics Disappeared At Launch Screens And Video From The Old Republic's Rise Of The Rakghouls Update Disembowel Fools In Ninja Gaiden 3's Multiplayer Pictures Of The Xbox Factory Jumpers Please Play This 80s Tribute Game Right Now, It's Free!


    I was watching an episode of Angel the other day, and Lorne said "I slept like a baby - wet the bed and cried all night!"

    True story.

    I slept like a TIME DUCKS

    Both of my kids slept soundly all night when they were a baby.

    I slept like a dead baby is far more accurate.

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