Screens And Video From The Old Republic's Rise Of The Rakghouls Update

Detailed last week and set to release next week, Star Wars: The Old Republic's first major update, Rise of the Rakghouls, looks pretty spectacular. It's a pity it won't look this good to players.

Ah, Rakghouls, the zombies of the Star Wars universe. Folks getting attacked, getting infected, and turning into mindless (for the most part) savages living only to feed. They're the titular stars of The Old Republic's first update, aimed at adding new content for the folks sitting around at level 50 twiddling their thumbs. Come January 17 those folks will be able to team up with three friends or strangers and travel to the planet Kaon to keep the savage infection from spreading and win the hearts of the local populace in the new Flashpoint: Kaon Under Siege.

The update also brings the game's second rain, Operation: Karagga's Palace, which sees teams of 8 or 16 players finding out what happens when the Hutts stop being neutral and start getting aggressive.

All this plus some tweaks to open-world PVP combat on Ilum and the introduction of a level 50-only PVP bracket so they can leave us little folk alone.

So that's looking good. Almost too good, really. Since players are getting low resolution textures in their normal gameplay, isn't it only fair that BioWare's marketing materials look the same? I'll allow that these shots and the video may have been prepared before the change, but until players get a high resolution option back, I want some uglier screenshots.


    Yes , more rain! That is definitely what SWTOR is missing. How it rains inside Karraga's palace though, I'm not sure.

    Scheduled for next week huh? Does that mean Bioware is going to implement it on Tuesday, cancel the patch after shutdown and implement it over 3 nights instead?

    Sorry Bioware, your track record for scheduled maintence doesn't give me much hope for playtime next week :(

      Holy crap, first month and people complain already?

        Heh, was just thinking the same thing. SWTOR launch has been very smooth compared to some other AAA MMOs. Anyone remember the chaos that came with The Burning Crusade?

          It was fine

        People have been complaining since day 1.
        I've noticed a significant improvement in the performance in this game since early access started.

        I've got 2 characters getting close to level 50 and 2 more alts on the way. I've really enjoyed the flashpoints thus far. Looking forward to more end game content coming out over the following months.

          Yeah, with the launch client I was getting a slow memory leak. Play for long enough (eg pull an all-nighter) and by the time it had been running for 5-6 hours my RAM usage would be hitting about 98% and clearly beyond, because whenever I'd enter a new area or see another player the game would visibly chug while all the memory it had paged out was paged back in. Clearly my machine was cache thrashing. Additionally it would take about ten minutes to quit as it freed up all the virtual memory it had allocated and tracked down and freed up all the resources it had consumed.

          That problem appears to be completely gone now, and it's not something they called out specifically so I'm assuming it was a side effect of another bug..

      Considering that so far most of the time they have been dealing with the holidays and new years public holidays i think they have done the best they could to make all maintenance on the Tuesday.

    This is just a patch, right?

    I'm going to hate it when an expansion comes out for this game.

    My game does not look this good, am I missing something?

      Bioware disabled / removed? the high textures due to performance issues. We are all currently running on low textures.

        Didn't remove them, only disabled the option to use them. They still appear in cutscenes. Take note of the texture on your chest armour especially...

    "finding out what happens when the Hutts stop being neutral and start getting aggressive"
    Not a whole lot considering the Hutts mostly just sit around and knock back food, alcohol and drugs. The credits they toss around however get mercs and cannon fodder in the door.

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