30,000 People Are Going To Play Half-Life 2 As A Protest Against Half-Life 3

30,000 People Are Going To Play Half-Life 2 As A Protest Against Half-Life 3

Or is it a protest for Half-Life 3? Whatever.

The point being, This weekend over 30,000 members of a Steam group will sit down and play Half-Life 2. Calling themselves “A Call for Communication”, the group says “we have decided to gain Valve’s attention by delivering a basic message: Your oldest and longest running fanbase would like better communication.”

That “better communication” would come in the form of any communication as to the whereabouts of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, or as it’s more commonly believed to be these days, simply Half-Life 3.

Will it work? Probably not. But hey, any excuse to play through Half-Life 2 again is a good excuse!

A Call for Communication [Steam]



  • I i’ll be playing it through again on my Xbox around that time anyway… too bad steam ins’t for xbox…. god damn microsoft

  • Don’t act like Valve doesn’t love you, why else would they take so long to make the damn game? You know they’ll show it when it’s good and ready to be shown.

    You all just forget that Valve also loves fucking with you so much too.

    • Exactly.

      At the end of the day I would take complete silence over seeing a teaser trailer from 4 years ago any day of the week. The latest theory Im starting to like more and more these days is that Valve are developing it as a launch title for the next gen consoles.

      Just leave Valve alone and let them do what they do best.

  • Hmm… that sounds like an idea. Except I have HL2 on Xbox… and even if it were also being done on Live, I have no internet to be able to participate…

    … Still sounds like a good idea for this weekend 😛

    • Because you’ve got to wait more than 4 years for it? Oh boo f***ing hoo cry me a river. These days you want a sequel 1 – 2 years after the last. Waaaah.

      Starcraft 2 took what, TEN YEARS? So what if HL3 takes a few more. It WILL eventually come out, you know it. You’re kidding yourself to think otherwise. It’s Valves flagship series, of course they won’t abandon it.

      • Valve would rather make left4dead games, and tf2 updates. With all the in game purchases of hats and items they have no need to ever make a half-life 3. And even if they did make it I have a horrible feeling that it won’t be that good. Also explains why it’s taking so long.

        • They’ve made 2 L4D games in 5 years, with no signs of interest in making another.
          I don’t know why people keep trying to use that as an example.

        • Team Fortress 2 also took years to come out and everyone thought it would go the way of Duke Nukem, becoming vaporware. Suprise, suprise it came out and its excellent, one of the most beloved games out there currently.

          This is the same with all their titles, they take a long time on them and don’t give much info on them until the game is very nearly done. You should all know this by now and you still act bloody suprised. Jesus christ just be patient. All your doing is hyping the game past a level to when it finally comes out it will never meet your expectations

      • Generally, they don’t say “This game will come out in 3 months” and then have complete silence for 4 years, without screenshots or videos…

        Even Duke Nukem Forever had screenshots every 3 years lol.

      • Yes, Starcraft took 10 years, but you knew it was coming. Half-Life 2 came out on PC in 2004. So 2014 WILL be 10 years. I’m happy to wait 2 more years for the sequel… if Valve can at least announce it will be released “in a few years”. Don’t need anymore information than that – and I think it would be cool if Valve announced their intentions either way.

        It’s time. Simple as that.

        It’s time.

    • Duke. Nukem. Forever.
      15 bloody years. You wanna whinge, bitch and cry yourself a new vagina? Wait that long, then come back here.

  • Why do they think valve owes them better communication? I’m sure valve appreciate their long running fanbase, but they don’t owe them anything. The belief of entitlement that some people have is incredible.

    • Hey uh, I was gonna say something important about that, but y’know it can wait a while… You might wanna stick around and pay attention ’cause it’s fairly important to you. You can wait though right? No need to get impatient with waiting for me, I mean that would just show your entitlement issues right?

  • I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes to get it right. This is one of those games where I really don’t care when it comes out, because when it does, I’ll play it, love it, but will most likely have finished it within twenty hours or so. Putting off that 20 hours of heaven for as long as possible is fine by me, because it can only mean that twenty hours is as good as possible,.
    People who say “It’ll probably suck” obviously don’t know much about Valve, Have they ever released a bad game? Not that I’ve played, anyway…

  • 30 minutes? What a load of crap – I’m not waking up at 3am to play for 30 minutes, grab your hairy nuts and make a real statement – have the session last the whole weekend and rather than just “play”, I’d challenge anyone that has not already done so to unlock all achievements in Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2.

  • I think these fanboys should really stfu. When they’re ready to announce it, they’ll announce it, whatever that is anyway.

    There’s also a thing called working on other things than Half Life. I would prefer Valve working on other projects than the same stuff all the time. Sure they’ve released TF2, Portal & L4D during that time and they’re working on releasing CS and Dota for this year – give them a break! It’s not like they release a game and let it go, they’re dedicated to their projects and fanbase to keep updating those games, continuously working on them.

    Sure they’ve probably got some teams working on Half Life stuff, but we don’t exactly know to what extent. Why announce something that won’t be ready? It’s like Bungie, they worked primarily on Halo and continued to update it and the community and now they’re moving on working on something else. As good as Half Life is, I don’t wanna see Valve glued down to it, they’re too talented.

  • Yeah they’re gonna play through it in half an hour – I’ve been playing it on the xbox 360 since April 2010 and I’m still only 10 hours in, the game is massive not to mention in parts, hard!

  • I guess the idea is kinda cool?
    They should of got a big game industry name to stream cast a whole play through in one sitting or something. That would of been cooler I think 😀

  • Half Life 2 Episode 3/Half Life 3 will come out. I mean, it’d be crazy to think that it wouldn’t. It’s in extremely high fan demand, the series has sold extremely well thus far and it can only get better with Steam and the hype train, and the ending to Episode 2 is a dead giveaway that it’s planned in one form or another. To me, it seems impossible to rationalise the idea that Valve wouldn’t be making Half Life 3. No matter how I arrange things in my mind, it makes no sense that they would throw away all that money and fan satisfaction.

    The game is coming, one way or another. It only seems logical. It wouldn’t shock me if this was all a long-term plan to generate hype – hopefully starting actual development at a later stage, though. I think that Valve is smart enough not to create something and then let it rot for years before its release. That was Duke Nukem Forever’s fate, and I’d like it to stay that way.

  • I think this is just a bit of fun, I don’t think they’re taking it too seriously either. It’s like when someone does something funny, thats a bit silly..and then everybody laughs at it, so the person plays it up a bit.

    The demand for HL3 is basically a Meme.

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