Brazilians Shake Their Asses To Mario

Brazil's Carnival parades are some of the biggest, and certainly the danciest shindigs on Earth. Especially when they draft the Mushroom Kingdom in to help out.

Reader Marcelo sends us these clips taken over the weekend in the Rio suburb of Santa Teresa, as a Mario-themed posse shakes their way down the streets.

I've seen this song played all kinds of ways, from lonely bedrooms on YouTube to concert halls, but never one that so made me want to be where it was being played. Lazy walking, a nice day in Rio, beers in hand...


    I'm guessing the game just came out there, ahh who am kidding I'm Australian we hold the patent on backwardism.

    Had to go find the Donkey Konga OST after seeing this. Why can't we have things like this here? I'd definitely go outside more if it meant dancing down the street in a Mario parade.

    never in this reality did i expected. sure in the never ending acid trip universe i thought there was a possibility but in our universe? holy shit no.

    Shaggu bearded man, dressed as a star, running around being chased by Mario.
    Pure gold.

    These are literally the best renditions I've ever heard. Even better than the orchestra performances. These guys just know how to play.

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