Bungie Co-Founder Starts Own Studio

Bungie Co-Founder Starts Own Studio

An all-star team of game developers has come together to form a new studio that aims to make mobile games for core gamers.

Bungie (the studio behind Halo, Myth, and Oni) co-founder Alex Seropian is behind the new mobile studio, Industry Toys. His team also includes ex-Dreamworks Research and Development manager Brent Pease and former Marvel and DC artists.

The company president, Tim Harris, says that the premise of the company is that there aren’t enough great games on mobile platforms for core gamers — Industrial Toys aims to fill that void.

The company mission statement reads: “We’ll be mobile to the core, with games that let you have an immersive session at home that blows your mind apart as well as a 30-second experience that still moves you forward while you’re waiting for the bus.”

The company’s Facebook page is here.

What are your thoughts on hardcore mobile games? Do you think there is a void in the market for mobile games for the hardcore gaming market? Let us know!


  • I honestly question how some of these bigger scale game devs would cope with the mobile market. I mean, big ticket titles like some of the fighting games sell well for the higher price. But not sure how many people would pony up 12-15 bucks for a more in-depth experience on their mobile device.

  • Thier are a bunch of in-depth games for a dollar from old game imports from developers wanting to make some extra bucks, so the market already has a vast collection of great games so unless the Mobile Market is truly inelastic than this is doomed to fail.

    • I could argue whether you’re right about that or not, but assuming you’re right, wouldn’t a game company trying to develop really solid games for mobile devices be more likely to improve that, than just letting people buy Angry Birds over and over again?

    • My Atari Lynx, Lemmings cartridge and 16 AA heavy duty batteries would disagree with you.

      I also believe:

      Number of Mobile gamers > (Number of Console gamers + Number of PC gamers)

      So what IS a core gamer? Someone with a superiority complex?

      • The best explanation I’ve seen for the divide between the ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ games is that it’s all about the mindset you’re approaching your games with, not the games themselves.

        One camp plays games to pass time. The other makes time to play games. Mobile games are dominated by games aimed at the former, but the latter group will play those games too.

        Case in point: the first game I spent time playing on my Vita was Lumines. ‘Hardcore’ system, but Lumines is a simple block-matching puzzle game with a Tetris lineage. However I set aside half an hour or so to play it, I wasn’t just sitting on a bus or something killing time with it.

        • I like your explanation. But I disagree that playing games to pass time does not mean you are a core gamer.

          I think it is much more white than black and white.

          IMHO, anyone who plays games is a core gamer. Platform, time played, reason for playing, game played is irrelevant. I love Words with Friends, just sayin’. Zygote on a triple word score FTW!

  • The first mention of the new studio has the name wrong, I think? “Industry Toys” should be “Industrial Toys”? ^^;

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