Morning Star Enters The Race To Redefine The Mobile First-Person Shooter

Morning Star Enters The Race To Redefine The Mobile First-Person Shooter

It’s not enough for developer Industrial Toys to have secured the talents of science-fiction author John Scalzi and comic artist Mike Choi for their upcoming futuristic mobile shooter; they also aim to change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games.

If you’re getting a bit of a Halo vibe from this teaser trailer for Morning Star it’s no surprise; Industrial Toys is a studio formed by Bungie founder Alex Seropian with the goal of creating core games for mobile devices.

A lot of studios have taken that approach. Not many have succeeded. Sure, they’ve created games with console-quality graphics, but that’s not even half the battle. Virtual on-screen game pads or simple on-rails swipe mechanics work, but they take away from that “core” vibe.

And so the race is on to find the elusive spark that makes a touch-based mobile game feel like a core title. Top developers are working on it. Just last week former Battlefield developer Ben Cousins showed his hand with The Drowning, a creepy single-player shooter that can be controlled with one hand.

And now we have Morning Star. Due out in the spring of 2013, it’s a more traditional story-based science fiction shooter with an extensive online multiplayer component. Here’s a little background, snagged from the Machinima Youtube page where the trailer was posted:

Set 120 years into our future, the game takes players aboard the MSRV-Joplin, a research vessel newly outfitted with military weaponry to explore a mysterious signal coming from within our Solar System. When inevitable disaster strikes, they’re transported across the universe to take part in an epic war that is not their own to undo a bunch of awfulness that goes down.

Is anyone else getting an Advent Rising vibe from this?

With Scalzi on writing (he’s not just a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he’s the president) and Choi on the visuals, I’ve no doubt we’ll get a pretty game with a solid story. The rest remains to be seen.

While we wait for more, check out the announcement at Industrial Toys, read what Scalzi has to say, and then head over to the Morning Star website to secure your online handle. Already snagged Fahey, sorry.


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