Commander Shepard Is Still Alive

I've got a terrible feeling that we'll be seeing an insane multitude of Mass Effect posts over the next couple of days, but this was too good not to post. Want to hear an awesome reworked version of Portal's Still Alive discussing the events of Mass Effect? Of course you do! Oh... you don't? I'll just shuffle awkwardly over here then...

"I have reapers to address, Kelly Chambers to impress and there are people who are still alive."

Thanks to Ryan for sending it in!


    Or have a beautiful retrospective of Mass effect 1 and 2

    **SPOILERS** (for ME1 and ME2)


    I really enjoyed that lol! That was pretty well done haha

    That was pure awesome. Sometimes it's good to be part of this pretty big majority of gamers who loved both ..all ... 4 of those games.

    Hahah that was pretty awes

    Really butchered "Matriarch Benezia", brilliant enough nonetheless

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